Nissan Leaf electric wins Japan car of the year award


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The Leaf will end up selling about 10,000 units in the United States out of a total of about 13.5 million vehicle sales. Not much to crow about. Also, who are the customers? I haven't seen the number for the Leaf, but I do know the average income of the Chevy Volt plug-In electric vehicle is $175,000/year. Not exactly a car of the people. In fact, it is a toy for the much reviled 1%.

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All commercial technology has to begin from somewhere.

For one of a milion examples, Imagine, initially very expensive digital cameras, taking over from "real" film cameras. Now they give them away with pizzas.

If you think there's no future in electric vehicles you'd better saddle your horse.

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Given the electricity shortage in Japan I would say electric cars have no future here. Of course, the government could always build lots more nuclear power stations so that people can keep their cars charged. What's it going to be Japan?

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The vehicles them selves maybe zero emission but to build them there were more emissions created than in producing a conventioanl car, and to refuel these things there is still a considerable amount of emission required either by conventional or nuclear power, there is always going to be some emission/waste of some sort.

I think this Zero emission title is a false hood designed to give those who buy them a sense of being eco / green when in actual fact they are not so smart.

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Like there were any other options.

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Energy to produce a Prius vs a Hummer:

Less for the Prius than a Hummer.

Environmental damage of internal combustion vs hybrid and electric:

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@browny1, great post. Most new technology starts with a high price tag initially, then the prices drop as more people purchase and the economy of scale kicks in thanks to mass production. And it's the few rich folks who purchase them initially. I don't see any problem wtih this.

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