Nissan paid CEO Ghosn Y1.035 bil last year

By Ju-min Park and Kiyoshi Takenaka

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Not enough. Just bringing back the GTR is worth more than that.

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Quite small compared to what some other world-renowned CEOs are paid. Not to mention what Mr. Ghosn has single-handledly achieved. Should be much, much more.

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peanuts considering what hes done for the company over the last 10yrs, saved it from bankruptsy and now its a profitable healthy company.

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Worth every penny.

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He made ¥1000 million. I made ¥12 Million. I bet I eat just as well and only work 170 days a year at most. Love my vacations. I wonder how many days these multi millionaires in business actually take for vacation a year.

The man has talent, but does he really have a life?

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The guy is in a business with huge environmental and social costs. He shouldn't be rewarded and rather needs to be paying posterity for the harm being done today by his industry.

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He made ¥1000 million. I made ¥12 Million.

"please sir I want some more..."

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He made ¥1000 million. I made ¥12 Million. well he may enjoy working for one and I guess he has considerably more talent than you in running businesses. and if your trying to boast just remember theres always somebody better than you and me, ps I turn over much more in one month than you make in a year, and there I know of at least a dozen people in my field that make much more than I, boasting is way overrated

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bringing back the GTR

How original.

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Nissan workers got a 1.4% rise; less than the increase in the cost of living. Nissan claimed they "couldn't afford" to pay more. Yet they can always afford to pay the top executives more. Funny that.

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