Nissan Pathfinder and Frontier win awards at Miami Auto Show


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Cannot compete with a Silverado,on performance and style

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Cannot compete with a Silverado,on performance and style

GM products have been on a slow but steady decline since the late 90s - the reason why you still see 4th gen C/K trucks on the road, but can just about guarantee you won't see any of the new ones in 30 years time.

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Cool but Miami Motor show is not exactly a heavy hitter event. ditto for Sobre Ruedas. Nice advert for Nissan JT.

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Neither of those models is available in Japan, both are made in USA.

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Cars all look alike these days. Bring back the Packards and Hudson.

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Gotta love the photos they use in car ads like this.

Does the buyer of a car really imagine their car ever being driven in a setting like this? - Are they pioneers or cowboys exploring the wild frontier?

As if somehow their experience won’t be just like that with any other car - mostly clogging up streets and moving at a crawl in highway traffic.

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No thanks, these are the people that tried to railroad the foreigner that SAVED their company.

Pass. Buy Toyota

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Hello Everyone ,

I live in Miami, first time to hear about this event, it must of been , small , and yes that award means nothing,

"Sobre Ruedas" means "on top of wheels" , meaning anything that has a wheel , can be mama charin , etc.

very insignificant , but leave it to Nissan to make bigger .

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Cars all look alike these days. Bring back the Packards and Hudson.

I've had cars from that era. You would not like driving them. Most had manual steering that required about 9 turns lock to lock. Most had a three speed manual column shift. The dimmer switch didn't exist. There was a button to turn the high beams on or off on the floor to the left of the clutch. Windshield washers were activated by pumping on a button on the floor between the clutch and brake pedals, both of which were on stalks coming straight up from under the floor. You could, if the lighting was just right, see the road passing beneath the car in the gap between the pedal stalk and floor of the car. You could see even more of the road when that same area of the floor rusted out from water intrusion. The defroster was a towel you kept under the drivers side of the bench front seat. The bodies rolled alarmingly in corners, so much so that a brisk left turn, say to beat a yellow left turn light would cause the curb feelers on the right rocker panels to scrap the ground. Corner too briskly and you would pop a front hubcap off. Believe me those old metal hub caps can do some damage too. Don't ask me how I know this. "Infotainment" was a vacuum tube AM only radio that took a couple of minutes to warm up before it would work and sound came from a single speaker in the middle of the steel dashboard. They were not all that durable either. Pollution controls and unleaded fuels forces car manufacturers to use much better materials in their engines and exhaust systems. 100,000 miles was enough to wear most of those engines out. Valves and seats were cast iron where today they are hardened steel often with sodium filled stems. Old cars like that had mild steel exhausts that rusted out quickly where modern cars have stainless steel exhausts. The wiring was cloth insulated, and when the cloth started to deteriorate you had all kinds of electrical adventures. Been there, done that. Give me a modern car please.

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