Nissan relaunches Datsun in India after 30 years


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The reimagined Datsun — a five-seat hatchback — will go on sale in India next year

Ach, dot soon?

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When I was growing up and they were pretty popular, Datsuns were known as Dustbins.

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@ Wakarimasen - Lol! When I was growing up my mate had an old Datsun. Great for camping, as the hub-caps could be used to cook in! They were pretty tough cars, actually...

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It will also be sold in Indonesia and Russia, with the company saying its offerings will be tailored to each market

So in Russia it will come with ubiquitous Russian dashcam pre-installed? ;-)

Ah The good old Datsun - the Datsun 120Y was the car of choice for 80's boy racers in my parts. Except the term boy racers hadn't been invented yet, they were just hoons.

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Datsan was called Dattosan in Japan. Cars were called Jidousha, or kuruma then. Nissan in USA is different and very innovative product. Ford and GM gave up to compete Nissan in USA market. How do you like push button starter behind of your handle And many more.

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Cars were called Jidousha, or kuruma then.

Excuse me, but what are they called now? Those are the only two words I know.

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Datsun was name of company before it was named Nissan, so this is a bit unclear that the car name is Datsun? Or does it have a company badge of Datsun instead on Nissan? Anyway doesnt seems like a good idea to use that name after 30 years as first time car buyers are supposed to be young and they are more aware of name Nissan than Datsun! Good luck Mr. Ghosn

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Nissan had been name of company Mr. Ayukawa named when iy he created the company before WW II/ Nisxsan is abbreviaztion of Nippon Sanguo. He was an A class Sugamo prisoner once. He was released later and concentrated on Nisxsan business. Check letters of Nippon. (twp kamjjis) Also, check sangyo. Abbreviatiom of Nippon Sangyo. Dattosan was just name of the cars. Before Dattpsan, it used to create military trucks.

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