Nissan-Renault alliance to share more parts, technology


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Wow! I think Ghosen is still doing a great job for Nissan!

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Under the latest initiative, Nissan will focus on China, North America and Japan; Renault on Europe, Russia and South America and North Africa, and Mitsubishi on Southeast Asia and Oceania, for the benefit of the entire alliance.

This is a logical step, however it's unclear if or how the other "non-leader" carmakers will still exist in these markets.

So Renault will be the "leader" in Europe, but what about the high-selling Nissan Qashqai being produced in the UK? Will Nissan still keep its dealer network in Europe? What about Mitsubishi in the US, which was basically struggling along even before Covid-19? Will Mitsubishi completely revamp its operations in Japan to match the local "leader" Nissan? Or what if Renault or Mitsubishi want to sell cars in China?

It's possibly a decent plan, but really short on details.

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Nissan executives must be thinking:

-What would Ghosn have done in this situation?

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Crash and burn, Nissan. Hope another car manufacturer buys you (bails you out) and then hires Ghosn as CEO.

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We heard this plan earlier and I hope this now means it will really be implemented as from NOW.  It is already  half a year too late. On top of that, it would show some sense of reality would Nissan in particular stop blaming the corona virus for its trouble. Of course the problems and their effects have been multiplied by it but by no means is the virus the origin of Nissans problems. 

It is now IMPERATIVE that the 3 now really act as under one holding company and each of the brands has to distribute the few remaining good selling models of the 2 others in the designated areas. It means closing in some cases up to 40 to 70 % of dealerships. Impossible just to bail out of regions as there are many existing car owners and they need servicing of their cars. 

Sharing platforms, all blabla, and just common sense but will not sell an extra car and savings from these moves will take time. Time neither of the 3 brands has. I admire them talking about 2024.  Particularly being NISSAN I would worry about May 29th 2020 and every day onwards. 

I still do not believe it has sunk in with Nissan especially.  They talk about closing plants but want to keep the UK open ?  Madness. With the new FTA all cars be shipped from Japan. Particularly the UK plant should be closed first as, the way the Brexit negotiations are going ( or not going) means it will be near impossible to sell cars with a profit on the continent that are produced in the UK. 

Mitsubishi which makes the best cars of the 3, is most likely to be the biggest victim as they are the smallest and have less say in it all. France will never let Renault go under and Japan will not let Nissan go under. But Mitsubishi…

Nissan made another incredible mistake by dumping the Datsun brand, they should have switched completely to that brand to get rid of the negative connotations with the Nissan brand name. Another good decision from Ghosn to bring it back and I am sure that was in the back of his mind already when he did bring it back. 

There is still so much arrogance in the car manufacturing world, not only with these 3 brands but with nearly all of them. They are nearly all overstaffed, and underperform on the marketing and sales sides. They make ever more expensive, less quality cars, less well designed cars, with no personality.

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FYI, Mitsubishi Fuso is leaving the US, so maybe Mitsubishi isn't too far off from completely leaving the US either.

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck to Cease Sales in U.S. and Canada

U.S. and Canadian business to shift to service-focused operation with parts and service support to continue until 2028.

May 27, 2020

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Oh, Nissan just announced the closure of the Spanish plant. Nissan really is leaving Europe.

Nissan Motor to close Barcelona plant: El Pais

Japan’s Nissan Motor Co (7201.T) will close its factory in Barcelona, resulting in the loss of about 2,800 jobs, Spanish newspaper El Pais reported, citing government and union sources.

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dont buy simple as is.

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Nobody buys nissan.

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In times of plenty, even weak and sickly players may survive. However, in times of stress, the weaker players, those lacking fundamentals, engrossed in drama and sabotage, will fail. Nissan made its bed and now it has to lay in it.

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Nobody buys nissan.

Nobody buys cars made in China.

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Nobody buys cars made in China.

The Chinese do.

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Nissan along with Infiniti is exiting Korean market; Nissan was hardest hit by the Japan Boycott movement triggered by Abe's export control and never recovered. The fact that current generation of Nissan and Infiniti products are inferior to Hyundai and Genesis product didn't help either.

Nissan to pull out from South Korea

Japanese carmaker Nissan said Thursday that it has decided to shut down its business operations in South Korea from 2021, as part of its global business restructuring strategy.

But rumors have circulated about an imminent exit since summer last year, when the Japanese carmaker’s sales were among the hardest hit by an escalating diplomatic and trade row between Tokyo and Seoul.

Since August 2019, the sales of Japanese cars in Korea have more than halved from a year ago as a wave of public anger led to boycotts of Japanese products.

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Nissan,s full year loss...6.2 billion dollars.

Geez...that is some competent managment that has been running things over there for the past year and a half ..Saikawa & Uchida ... J- Inc,s finest.......never mind lets continue to blame Ghosn.

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Nissan,s full year loss...6.2 billion dollars.

Nissan could go under if a diplomatic tension flairs up between Japan and China again and Japanese brand cars are under full scale boycott in China.

Nissan's new management bet the farm on the US, China, and Japanese market. If any of three goes wrong, then Nissan is in a full scale unrecoverable spin.

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 Hope another car manufacturer buys you (bails you out) and then hires Ghosn as CEO.

Renault will.

Renault may shelve the plan to absorb both Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors. Ghosn or without him, the merger will happen one way or another. Renault has to wait.

The Chinese do.

Most Chinese people prefer their own national brands or luxurious American/European Cars. China could easily defeat Toyota in an automobile war, vying for middle class and below. However, the Chinese decided to pursue the path of luxurious cars - brands like Rolls Royce or Mercedes make long term, stable profits. China purchased a stake in Mercedes and absorbed Volvo as a plan to pursue the global ambition of dominating luxury, value goods.

Nobody buys cars made in China.

Foreign people maybe, but Chinese people don't need to do so.

They already have their own national brands, much better or equal to the Japanese brands. The Chinese prefers luxurious cars if their families can afford them. Japan, aside Lexus, does not produce internationally renowned, luxurious cars that can compete against Europeans and Americans.

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