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Nissan, Renault eye restructuring for Fiat merger: report

By Toshifumi Kitamura

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FIAT Fix It Again Tony

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Why did Nissan agree to this in the first place?

Would you like...

1) a 15 percent non-voting stake

2) to be consolidated completely

3) to go bust

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With Nissan's profits plunging off a cliff as of late, they're quickly losing whatever bargaining leverage they had available with Renault. I imagine that they'd love to wrap up this renegotiation as soon as possible.

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Why did Nissan agree to this in the first place?

Their owners* put the shop on sale. It was bought, now Nissan is just a tenant, the new owner decides of the rules.

*You should ask : why J-investors didn't want to bet their precious yens in Nissan and preferred buying stocks of Alibaba.

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With current management bodies at Nissan, I will not invest my yen at Nissan. saikawa is a bad example of Japanese co-workers, no good Japanese will invest in Nissan until current operators are changed. Alibaba or even abc or no name company is better.

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Nissan needs help from Japanese government to rid themselves of a bad deal led by a bad chairman/ ceo who's currently in jail.

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Renault must reduce it shares in Nissan to 35%. Also, Nissan must have voting right in Renault. French Government intensively involved in the Renault-Nissan partnership is not looking good. French is selfish and force Renault to reduce its Nissan shares.

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