Nissan reports first full-year net profit in three years


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I will never buy from them again. Shameful company.

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first full-year net profit in three years

There are times when no one to be involved, since it has huge debt. Now it can have good profit, no Japanese executives can do that.

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the book mentioned in that article: David Halberstam’s “The Reckoning”  is fascinating.... and not by any means only with regard to cars.... it is not least, an incisive history and analysis of Japan/Japaneseness....

it was published in '86, I read it perhaps 10 years after that.... have been thinking, recently, to re-read actually.... a fairly massive tome, but worth it I reckon.

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Nissan cars are not so reliable whne they come to age 6yo or so.

Japanese line up not so attractive compare to others say Toyota.

If you check sale data you will find just one Nissan car in chart of top ten sales/Nissan Note/.

Possibly their line up in USA or other markets better one but...there are also some ethical issues.So all in all.

I will pass their cars.

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Without Ghosn on the wheel don't think that Nissan will survive much longer.

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The only Japanese car company fully jumping into EV market. Has a good chance if you ask me. Their designs is also a lot more progressive when compared to Toyota.

Toyota is the most reliable, I get it, but Nissan, Honda, Mazda, and Subaru all make good cars. Buy from a dealer, they will take care of you.

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All the money they claimed as net profit are all from the sell of Daimler shares. In fact, look at the amount of the shares sold, they also lost some of those money as well.

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