Nissan sees return to annual profit after strong Q1 results


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First, I would check to see if they are cooking the books.

Second, I would check to see if this potential profit has been created by the government interventing to protect itself and Nissan from anymore probes by disgruntle investors because of their scandals by the Japanese leadership.

Both the corrupt J-gov and the Nissan J-leadership have been exposed.

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Sales were -31.78% on 2020.

There's no figures for 2021 published yet.

If they were able to recover from a -31.78% on 2021, that would be epic.

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How does it compare to other carmakers performance in the quarter? If there is recovery in the car market across the board due to major economies worldwide coming out from coronavirus restrictions then it just means Nissan is performing the same as the rest, thats all.

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They took an early EV lead on the environment with the Leaf.

It’s a life and death struggle out there. Wishing Nissan luck, and more power to their elbow.

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Meanwhile, Mitsubishi is mired in fraud and cheating.

Nissan is no different from many fraudulent Japanese companies. No one can trust Japan if these Japanese elites don't reveal the books and actual data sheets.

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