Nissan to cut up to 700 contract workers in Mississippi


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The work of Saikawa :(

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The beginning of the end for Nissan. The company is already unpopular and cutting thousand of jobs is going to make much more unpopular. Bye bye Nissan.

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consequence of what they did to ghosn.

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They should cut Saikawa instead.

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Anyone know how KIA and Hundai are doing in Georgia? It seems Korean products are taking over in the States. What gives?

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mtuffiziToday  08:06 am JST

“consequence of what they did to ghosn.”

Or maybe it actually was the consequence of various things mentioned in the article such as this:

“The company has struggled to sell all those vehicles in recent years, turning heavily to incentives and fleet sales to soak up the excess.”

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It seems Korean products are taking over in the States. What gives?

They’re cheaper, so they appeal to the budget-conscious.

If people want a Japanese four-door they’re more likely to get a Honda or Toyota over a Nissan, but I suppose the Sentra has its fans.

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 citing slowing sales for vans and Titan pickup trucks that it makes there.

This is why Nissan is executing a cut back. It has nothing to do with what is happening to Ghosen. Though it may give you some pleasure saying that it is retaliation for what is happening to Ghosen.

Here are three major reasons for the cut back.

Ford is killing it in the pick truck game. By the way they are going to have an all EV F-150 soon. Sorry Nissan but the Titan had its day. Want to save the Titan? Make it EV with higher tow capacity than Fords planned- EV F-150.

Tariffs and currency exchanges are taking a serious toll on Nissan right now.

Nissan went through a bruising union election at the Canton plant in 2017, with workers rejecting

United Auto Workers representation. This affected major orders for Nissan U.S domestic Nissan dealerships and those dealers’ customers leaving a very bad taste in consumers mouth. If you are at Nissan right now? You may want to think about jumping ship soon. Nissan is going survive this.

But I suspect a major restructure is coming in 2020.

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Nissan should reboot the Datsun Sunny truck and put the straight-6 engine back into the Skyline. Then restart the Silvia series, because that’s what the hardcore Nissan fans want.

Toyota revived the Land Cruiser by rebooting the original F70 while simultaneously releasing a new model Prado.

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The popularity of American muscle cars is hurting the Japanese.

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consequence of what they did to ghosn.

Well, the Japanese of all people should know the meaning of the word "karma".

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Anyone know how KIA and Hundai are doing in Georgia? It seems Korean products are taking over in the States. What gives?

not really 2017 US sales Kia 590000 Hyundai 680000, Mazda 300,000 Subaru 680000 , Nissan 1.34mil , Honda 1.44, Toyota 2.2mil. Japanese cars far outsell Korean cars.

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