Nissan to recall 150,000 cars due to improper checks

By Shingo Ito

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Nissan just keeps making their own bad news...

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I think this Nissan story has a long way to run.

Obviously it was badly managed company before Ghosn took over and once they started to make money again, they didn't know how to deal with this nice new income and have to cope with a pesky foreigner in charge.

I'll bet there were numerous people at all levels, quietly looking the other way when things were going wrong - hoping he would fall on his proverbial sword - while they somehow continued to make money.

Plus they make really boring looking cars.

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I used to have a Nissan once. Not the best car I have ever owned, but average.

I think it will be the only Nissan I will ever have ever owned, with what is going on with Nissan at the moment.

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How bout you remember all your directors as well.

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I drive a 350z. The Z range of sports cars are the best selling sports vehicle of all time, outselling all others.

My only problems with the Z have been with service and repairs carried out by the $tealer$hip. Nissan once tried to add on extra work such as "A fresh coat of bitumen paint." to the tune of ¥90,000, and "Your vehicle needs a completely new wiring system!" - ¥380,000 plus tax etc. Neither of which I allowed and my Z is just fine.

I'm currently refusing to pay them ¥400,000 as part of a deal we had, on a new clutch and radiator replacement. I've paid for the latter, but the clutch is screwed after just 4 months and they're refusing to accept it wasn't installed correctly.

Saikawa is also duly noted for his half hearted apologies on last year's inspection fiasco, as well as Nissan's denial of bad parts on my gfs LEAF, here:

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It was once said. Buy Japanese. They are the best cars made on the planet.

@Belrick for the Fairlady Z. I had the same issue with my S-14. I went through two OEM factory clutches at Nissan. If I may suggest. Get an aftermarket clutch at URAS. Not sure where you are in Japan. But URAS ships nationwide and get it installed by a proper tuner.

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All these poor quality control inspections, improper tests, and other manufacturing flaws happened under Ghosn's watch.

How did he think he deserved the BIG bucks !?

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Hakuba: Plus they make really boring looking cars.

Indeed , Nissan has lapsed measurably technologically and in design. thus past decade.



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