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Nissan to recall 841,000 vehicles worldwide due to steering wheel glitch


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I know Japan manufactures allot of cars but I never hear of other countries cars being recalled for anything. Oh well~

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cl400 - other manufacturers also frequently have recalls> It's not really newsworthy so not in the press, unless a major concern like losing steering, frequent accidents etc.

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I drive a 2009 Cube not 2000, sorry, computer took over and changed my typing. Hmmmm...

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Japanese automakers recall before any accidents. Ford, etc recall after several death and sued, tried to win, lose plenty of penalty, lose market share. Everytime, Japanese brand cars recall, their market share increase. In USA, Japanese brand cars are made-in-USA.

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toshikoMay. 25, 2013 - 03:46AM JST

Japanese brand cars are made-in-USA.

There assembled in the USA.

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Japanese Automakers use Japanese auto parts makers which might have several plants in serveral states. Japanese parts makers in USA use Japanese component makers in USA. So ,msny. Example is tire. Brodgestone, Yokohama, Sumito. Koyo Stearimg system/ Toyota used Denso and Denso cheated Toyota. too many to list.

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Unlike FORD of GM, Japanese automakers use sutoamated systems and train employees.

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Nissan does not make their own steering racks. A third party actually manufactures and sells these factory steering racks directly to Nissan. Nissan then installs these steering racks in your vehicle at the factory assembly line. ------ copy from explanation on leaflet. No wonder Japanese automakers recall so fast. ===== UAW has tough time in organizing people who work for Japanese automakers in USA. Toyota in KY gives its workers more pay and benefit than UAW promise. Recall is easier than FORD and GM where everything is made within. If Nissan wants to get new power steering, they don't cost anything to Nissan/ I don;t know ehich company they use but there is a company that make steering wheel. Aisin Seiki which also make Aluminum bumpers, and other parts that use Aluminum. There are many other companies in USA.

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