Nissan to review UK investment stance once Brexit terms clear


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evidence that the threat of new EU trade tariffs would not significantly damage investment in Britain. and wheres the money coming from? Ill tell you , higher taxes, lower welfare and healthcare for the average Joe. Manufacturing is dead in the UK. The EU is basically saying if you want to sell goods in the EU youll need to invest and manufacture in the EU

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Well that was quick. I wonder if the secret letter of assurance that the UK gave to Nissan is now at odds with the hard Brexit that Theresa May is promising to deliver. Considering that something like 80% of production at the Sunderland plant is exported into the EU it makes sense to slowly start relocating.

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The EU is basically saying if you want to sell goods in the EU youll need to invest and manufacture in the EU

The EU are saying at this side of the March trigger" Britain can not cherry pick the way it makes it's exit"

Ghosn said "

Nissan would re-examine the group’s investment strategy once the terms of Brexit become clear.

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Clearly Nissan's behind closed door assurances from the UK government included tariff free access to the single market. Oh dear.

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Nissan chief executive Carlos Ghosn has been fobbed off. Politicians will never commit to any recognizable smart methodology, i.e specific, measurable, assignable, realistic or time stated. Whatever undertakings/promises Ghosn received either verbal or otherwise are open to all sorts of interpretation, one way or the other.

Nissan production, sales and export results for February 2016...Latest numbers are revealing, productivity is up, but UK and EU year on year sales are down - 0.8 and - 0.4 respectively. updated numbers will be released march 2017.

More tellingly, Nissan production plants in Mexico, Trump's presidential inaugural address leaves little doubt about the future of North American Free Trade Agreement. I would not bet against Trump either dismantling it, or reworking it significantly to comply with quote: Every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs, will be made to benefit American workers and American families

Now factor in the current prevailing EU economic growth forecasts. Nissan has been left between a rock and a hard place, a proverbial economic cleft stick. Swallow the costs and loss of production and move, only to find that the EU markets has collapsed due to the introduction of punitive global trade barriers.

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"Ill tell you , higher taxes, lower welfare and healthcare for the average Joe."

That's already been happening...while Uk is a full-on EU member! LOL. But if you really want to see populations suffering form such cuts, I suggest you visit the likes of Spain and Greece - both loyal signed-up EU members. Italy is probably going to be next, and then a host of others.

"Nissan has been left between a rock and a hard place"

Good. I'm enjoying watching the corporate elite squirm.

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Gosn begun as (french) Renault CEO. When Renault bought 34% (1/3) of Nissan, he became the CEO is Renault-Nissan Alliance, for there is no "Nissan alone". Them the Renault-Nissan is preparing the Renault-Nissan-Mistsubishi Alliance, that already specialise in electric cars, this booming market. Now where is it booming more ? The UK, or the EU ? Give me the answer, and I will tell you where the next specialised plant should be built. Common sense is a thing the british voters have lost, so one cannot trust this country and this people anymore, and for we europeans of the continent, brexit is the very proof.

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And Sunderland voted overwhelmingly in favour of Brexit... a perfect example as to why the Brexit vote was far too important to be left to the general public

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"....far too important to be left to the general public."

Democracy is such a drag, isn't it.

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Democracy is such a drag, isn't it.

Indeed. That's why we vote for elected officials to make those decisions.

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