Workers are seen on the production line at Nissan's car plant in Sunderland Britain, on Thursday. Photo: REUTERS/Phil Noble

Nissan to start building new Juke car at UK plant as Brexit looms

By Costas Pitas

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Another bad decision for Nissan or did they get confirmed returns from UK government who will be kept away from media ?

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Nissan is confident this plant will be a successful operation, Brexit or no Brexit.

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Good business decision. Haters gonna hate. Why all the hate?

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The liberals hate success. Too afraid to admit Brexit doesn't mean disaster for Britain! Zealots!

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Qashqai is better than Juke in terms of looks and performance.

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If the pound stays weak this could be a homerun success for Nissan. In my opinion, one of the best defences a country has is its own currency to control its destiny. Greece is learning the very hard way.

You make it sound like the EU cant print money also.

still have to import those EU components at elevated prices due to weaker currency and tariffs attached. then have to sell all those cars at lower prices and profit margins to offset the tarriffs imposed by the EU.

Far more EU member countries have lower wages without the tariffs than the UK. All of this a given even with a a deal Brexit. A no deal Brexit will even be far worse off. Honda has already seen the writing on the wall and bailed

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bad idea

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The liberals hate success. Too afraid to admit Brexit doesn't mean disaster for Britain! Zealots!

If leaving the EU results in tariffs being applied to UK car exports to the EU I can guarantee that all volume car production in the UK will cease within a few years. The UK will be in the same position as Australia: a market too small to support in-country producers and left with no option but to import nearly all vehicles.

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