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Nissan unveils newest all-electric vehicle


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............Yokohama, suburban Tokyo............

Some people might just object to that; Yokohama a Tokyo suburb, indeed.

The limitations of these vehicles are obvious but for city-dwellers, businesses operating exclusively in cities, there are major advantages. Electric cars will increasingly become part of an overall power infrastructure along with solar panels and wind power.

Japan’s number two automaker also has plans to release an electric vehicle for the Chinese market, but demand has been disappointing largely due to their short driving range, high prices and a lack of re-charging infrastructure.

Nissan has some smart people on board who really should have predicted that.

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everyone should drive an eco car in this day in age

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It does take alot of electricity to charge the cars, and with Japan's current source of supplying electricity, are we in fact net net getting cleaner air and better environment? We are still far from harnessing solar and wind to levels where we can clearly claim clean energy.

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Does owning this car require you to incur the cost to upgrade your house electrical wiring to 200 volts - like the Leaf & the Prius?

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Cool - Nissan's world taxi with no (tailpipe) emissions. Can governments now get their finger out on renewables?

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**Nissan a pioneer in electric vehicles.people should encourage to use eco friendly car.

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This is a "missing brick" in world auto market and Nissan seems to be leading the way. Cheers for them!

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Disappointing sales but this is the future. Prius just fills the gap but does not lead the way.

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