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Nissan's Armada SUV returns with upgraded engine, look


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No Diesel engine ??? = Doomed !!

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......and there are lots of control knobs and buttons on the dashboard.


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it rides high above the pavement

Shouldn't it stick to the road?

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Sloppy reporting from JT here. The Armada? This is not Americatoday is it?

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Will it be available in Japan?

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"... and a more horsepower than ever" "... is so loaded with ..." "There’s a bit more torque, too" "... produces a soft ride with some bounciness ..."

Who wrote this, a high school student?

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ozziedesigner No Diesel engine ??? = Doomed !!

It may be possible. In the USA, Cummins (customer of mine) supplies diesel engines for the Nissan Titan.

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As a result of this new platform, the 2017 Armada is built in Japan, not Mississippi

Trump fodder

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$45,990 for a two-wheel drive Armada and $48,895 for a four-wheel drive Armada.

$2,905 extra just to have 4-wheel drive. O.o

I can not see how they can charge that much just to change it from 2 to 4 wheel drive.

Is this another case of car makers vastly over charging for upgrades ?

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I can not see how they can charge that much just to change it from 2 to 4 wheel drive.

Perhaps you don't understand/appreciate what's involved; that price is quite cheap considering the additional equipment needed for 4WD particularly if it also includes Low ratio option too.

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Azzprin: $2,905 extra just to have 4-wheel drive. O.o I can not see how they can charge that much just to change it from 2 to 4 wheel drive.

Googling for 'price nissan armada transfer case' indicates prices of $150 to $1200 for a used 2004/5 Armada transfer case. (The $1200 one was used but had free s+h, no tax, 5-year warranty.) A 2011 board post indicated a dealer quote for about $2000 for a new transfer case, installed (maybe it was remanufactured).

(A transfer case is a unit that transfers power in 4WD/AWD vehicles, kind of like a transmission or a differential, but 2WD cars don't have them AFAIK.)

I would expect car companies to base prices of different trim levels on various things like customer demand, parts/tooling/effort to add the trim package at the factory, etc. Maybe $2905 is actually lower than you would expect, due to efficiency of scale (they're selling millions of 4WDs so they distribute development/retooling costs over those millions of units).

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Even more vulgar than a Range Rover. A hideous car. I hope we never see it on the streets of Britain.

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Wow, I thought they were showing the older model in the photo...this styling looks like its from 2005! Yikes.

In an case, I hope American consumers buy more sedans and hybrid/electric cars. Who has enough kids these days to justify buying the huge beast that is this car?

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