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Nissin to market instant noodles in Russia


Nissin Foods, the inventor of instant noodles, is planning to enter Russia, where it eyes a growing market for its fast food meals.

Nissin, known for its flagship Cup Noodle products, plans to buy around a one-third stake in Russia's LLC Mareven Food Central, which controls 41% of Russia's instant noodle market.

As a first step, the Japanese instant noodle giant will invest 9.3 billion yen in January to buy a 14.99% stake in Angleside Ltd, the parent company of Russia's biggest instant noodle maker, Nissin said in a statement.

Nissin will then raise its stake to 33.5% by September 2010 with its total investment estimated at 26.8 billion yen, it said.

With the capital tie-up, Nissin plans to fully launch its business in Russia while providing Mareven its technology for developing and producing instant noodles, it said.

"We are also considering marketing our own brands in Russia in the future through the tie-up," a company spokesman said.

Russians buy two billion packets of instant noodles a year, making it the world's ninth-largest consumer, according to Nissin. Mareven forecasts a net profit this year of 2.1 billion yen on sales of 31 billion yen.

Nissin, based in Osaka, created instant ramen noodles shortly after World War II, targeting busy people on the go as Japan built itself up from ruins into the world's second largest economy.

Nissin and its rivals have since become a multi-billion-dollar global industry.

But Japanese food companies have increasingly branched out overseas, anticipating a slump in demand at home as the population ages.

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Way to go Nissin foods/Russia. Russia changing fast to globalise.

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You have to be desperate to eat those loaded with salt and all kinds of junk instant noodles.

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Its a cheap alternative to starving

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"Mareven Food Central, which controls 41% of Russia’s instant noodle market" "Russians buy two billion packets of instant noodles a year, according to Nissin. Mareven forecasts ... sales of 31 billion yen." I live in russia so can say next: max price of soft-packet noodle Rollton( Mareven's TM)in supermarket 5 rubles, cup-packet 20 rubles - (rate today 1 yen = 33.23 rubles)so its easy to count the net sales of this year : Minimum = 41% x 2 billion x 5 ( r) / 33 (rate) = 0.125 billion yen Maximum = 41% x 2 billion x 20 ( r) / 33 (rate) = 0.5 billion yen Very interesting !!!

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Sorry for uncorrect rate :) today 100 yen =33,23 rubles so looks like it was correct pls delete this topic

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"It's a cheap alternative to starving"

But perhaps not preferable.

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