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No more free coffee on your birthday? Companies rein in customer rewards programs — here's why


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I agree with those saying that it just creates unnecessary overheads.

Many of the loyalty point systems seemed rather stingy anyways, especially bakeries where after 30+ purchases over 500¥ they give you like 200¥ or some tiny discount. Cumbersome, awkward and stingy. Nowadays my problem is too many different apps etc and passwords forgotten so end up only using a couple regularly, like paypay and rakuten (which are easy to use so much appreciated)

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One positive thing about Japan is the number and generosity of the loyalty programs. I'm glad they're mostly app-based now, though. It wasn't long ago that one needed a separate wallet just for all the rewards cards.

Also, the programs that work at multiple retailers, like D, R, or T point, plus PayPay and credit card rewards/miles on top of the retailer points, can really add up. (Although, very few places offer T-point. Yahoo should just merge it with PayPay points. And, why didn't Yahoo name them Y points, anyway? Where did T come from? Weird.)

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Free in Japan ? OMG, I almost busted a gut laughing my -ss off.

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Never paid any attention nor used birthday rewards...

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Must! …..Feed!….. The….! CEO bonus!…………. And!……..Shareholders!

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That 8 penny of cost of coffee and cup can add up!

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Starbucks said it “found that the vast majority of were using their birthday reward on their actual birthday.”

As opposed to what other day one might be expected to redeem a birthday gift on? Boxing Day perhaps?

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