No, you're not going crazy - package sizes are shrinking


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The incredible shrinking product

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Most noticble personally over the last decade.

Large Pizzas from the big 2.


Chupa Chups

Big Macs

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This happens already since marketing exist.

It is really not new this market strategy.

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Shrinkflation was long due in US anyways. Their sizes are too big.

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Reducing size instead of increasing price is a right of any company, but it is very different if it is done openly and looking for understanding from the public instead of in stealth hoping to deceive people so they would not notice they get less goods for the same money.

The worst are companies that do it not to compensate a loss of profit but to actually increase it, asking for control to make this impossible is maybe too much, but to make this deceiving public so everybody can quickly notice it and react appropriately is something important.

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Try growing your own food on the balcony-I do.

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I noticed this at Tully's Coffee and Excelsior Coffee shops. I mainly go to Tully's and the cup size for a grande is a wee bit smaller than a few years ago but the price has gone up by something like 25 yen which is about a 5% increase.

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Mr or Ms kurisupisu,

We love our fresh markets in Taiwan but many people have container gardens for herbs on balconies, too! Alas, the fruits and veggies there do grow smaller. It seems nature knows her confines : )

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Good, all this food mentioned is JUNK food that shouldn't be consumed in big doses.

It can even quadruple in price.

Just eat fresh guys take care of your health.

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Today 02:11 pm JST

I noticed this at Tully's Coffee and Excelsior Coffee shops. I mainly go to Tully's and the cup size for a grande is a wee bit smaller than a few years ago but the price has gone up by something like 25 yen which is about a 5% increase

At least in those places you actually get more coffee when buying the largest size (yes I know because both my children worked in these 2 places while university students)

The other big foreign chain when you ask for the extra large late instead of 3 shots of coffee they still just put 2 and add more milk.

I have had my share of arguments.

A small is one shot of coffee, med 2 shots large 3 shots and so on, not just more milk.

But then it is more of a milkshake place now than a coffee joint.

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Today 01:05 pm JST

Try growing your own food on the balcony-I do.

Just buy at the vegetables store or fresh food store.

The apples aren't getting smaller, nor are carrots, 100gr of chicken is still 100gr, the prices may go up or down but fresh food remains the same.

All that was mentioned was packaged food, and some soap.

I installed an under the sink water filter ( make sure you change regularly) so no bottle water, we make our own teas to put in the refrigerator and refill our water or drink containers before going out.

My own business despite not being a restaurant or cafe provides free water refill to anyone that needs it, (there are several apps available that give locations of free water stations to refill your container.

This shrinkflation affects junk food, plastic bottles, unnecessary packaging, etc..

So a solution is simple carry water, refill your container, buy fresh food cook at home, carry your own lunch if you can ( use reusable containers please).

Benefits, less garbage, better for your health, save money, live better.

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Shrinkflation in the US = good. Waaay too much consumption and obesity.

Shrinkflation in Japan. = bad. Everything's already way too expensive and wages haven't risen since Godzilla.

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People consume and waste too much anyways. This is probably for the best.

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Better to buy fresh when you can, mates.

Too much unnecessary plastics and packaging taking up shelf space to squeeze their competitors out.

Joke is the big foods corps got you paying for all their games.

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Our kids will be in amazement when we tell them that a bag of chip once had more than one chip inside.

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It is happening in Japan as well. One of my favorite gyoza restaurants was serving 6 gyozas for 250 yens a few years back. Instead of increasing the price due to inflation, it is now 5 gyozas for 250 yen.

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"Build Back Bungle is working!" lol

The GOP well and properly obstructed that benefit to the American people from happening. It was a politically shrewd move.

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