Novartis' top Japan executives quit over cancer drug scandal

By Kyoko Hasegawa

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And will they be punished? No.

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Do you want to be them punished?

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I used to take this Makers HighBblood Pressure medicine, just threw some old stuff away the other day, just as WELL possibly.

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most pharmaceuticals are poisons--the father of medicine said that medicine should not be given to patients....something of that sort..kind of contradictory to medical practise today. Pills just cause problems and substitutes like exercise and eating certain herbs or foods can usually help and if not help at least not damage the system.

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Hiroko Ishikawa as president of Novartis Holdings Japan,Yoshiyasu Ninomiya as head of Novartis Pharma, Kazuo Asakawa as director of the Pharma division’s oncology business, so govt may collect yen two million each from these executives and the matter is over?

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On Thursday, the firm said Briton Michael Ferris would replace Hiroko Ishikawa as president of Novartis Holdings Japan, while German Dirk Kosche would replace Yoshiyasu Ninomiya as head of Novartis Pharma, also part of the global firm’s Japanese business.

Interesting that the writer, Kyoko Haswgawa, buried this information at least two thirds of the way into the article. Is there a fear that this incident could become another example, like Olympus and others recently, that Japanese business ethics are lacking? Even when public safety and health are involved?

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Probably more a ploy of these guys being closer to upper management than the previous ones; language barrier also in play.

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