NTT Docomo to lower mobile phone charges


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The new service plans from Japan's leading mobile phone operator by subscribers could spark price competition in a market in which the three largest carriers, including KDDI Corp and SoftBank Corp, control roughly 90 percent.

So with three big carriers and a decreasing population, you'd have to ask why there wasn't competition prior to this point . . . . .

Some kind of cosy arrangement?

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Yeah? I can't wait to see the price for the 5G ...

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This not true. I'm a docomo customer. I went to upgrade my phone the other day, they want to force me into a 5G plan or I can't get my phone through Docomo. The 5G plan is roughly. ¥10,000 per month. In Kansai, there is one building in Osaka that has 5G signal. Why should I have to pay for a service I can't even use. Also, that price is only for those that agree to a new 2 year contract. Its even higher if you don't want a 2 year contract.

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I'm waiting...but not holding out hope.

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Don't hold your breath, folks!

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The No. 1 mobile phone carrier plans to launch a low-cost brand like its domestic rivals

A few years ago, the biggest budget brand (MVNO) was OCN, which is owned by NTT and uses docomo's network. UQ or Yahoo or Rakuten might be bigger now, but NTT have been into the budget brand pie for a long time.

The story has no details about the price reduction for docomo itself. I would be surprised if it is more than a few hundred yen a month.

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Japanese never complain about things. Or at least not enough. I have a prepaid plan in Italy that costs me €8 / month with 60gb and unlimited calls.

In Japan they still ask you to pay extra for unlimited calls when you can easily use apps to call for free.

20gb nowadays is almost nothing if you think how big data became.

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......unlimited calls

haha, where was this in the early 2000's? Talk about being out of date, Japan. This will entice NO ONE.

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who needs 20gb, especially when staying at home?

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@therougou for someone who wants to streamline and remove their fixed cable network

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I'll bet that price is for data-only. But, even then, it's a pretty good price for Japan.

MVNO's get around 2500, give or take, for 12GB.

If it's for voice and data, it's definitely a decent price.

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