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Nvidia becomes world's most valuable company on stock market


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giving it a market capitalization of about $3.3 trillion, slightly ahead of Microsoft and Apple.

Make AI great again!

Where's Japanese company, couldn't match again after bubble era?

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This cycle's pump and dump.

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Euphoria, buy nVidia! buy nVidia!

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buy nVidia! buy nVidia!

You may be a bit late, sadly. Would've been perfect to get in 2 years back. Wish I had!

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Too late for buying nVidia. Look to the software companies that make the software that runs on low-power AI chips for the real money.

The next hardware break through will likely come out of a University lab somewhere, the prof will leave, form a company, and get large corporate investors as they create a "product" using whatever AI chips are available in 6+ months. Sadly, unless you are a friend of the Prof, you won't be able to invest (i.e. lose money) for the first 5 yrs as people learn more and more about AI development.

Until the AI hallucination probably is solved, we humans won't trust AI. In my field, we use AI as a joke because the suggestions for solutions seldom, if ever, actually work.

Specialized AI hardware is step 1 of 10. There are 3 cell phone makers trying to put AI chips into their devices now - Apple, Samsung, Google. These chips are mainly planned for real-time language translation. I've seen Pixel and Samsung cell phones with these capabilities. As typical, Apple will get there 2+ yrs late, but with a lovely human interface.

nVidia's stock price makes little sense. I really hope that everyone here realizes that nVidia doesn't actually make any hardware besides reference designs. Their profits come strictly from selling intellectual property for those reference designs to willing manufacturers. They've pissed off a few large vendors - remember a few years ago when GigaByte said they'd had enough crap from nVidia and stopped selling any of their nVidia designed hardware? That lasted only a few years and in 2023, Gigabyte restarted working with nVidia - guess having the current, best, GPU designs mattered more than being pissed off.

In my industry, 80% of all users choose AMD GPUs over nVidia due to terrible driver support. The only people choosing nVidia GPUs are those who need the high-end versions - say over $1000 for a GPU. The vast majority of people don't want to spend that much on a single component, so about $300 is the price limit for a GPU. For myself, integrated GPUs (those included with the CPU) are more than sufficient. In fact, a few of my systems don't even have any GPU at all. They are purely text, serial, console connected for all visual output.

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As typical, Apple will get there 2+ yrs late, but with a lovely human interface.

Exactly. Apple won't be trying to be first off the blocks. Like they weren't with their music player and phone. They'll offer what consumers want or need and will happily buy because it's been thought out and offers quality and class.

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