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OECD raises global growth forecast but recovery 'fragile'


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Maybe think about putting your money into arms dealers. Deglobalisation will butcher growth and there won't be a recovery any time soon. Nationalist economics is fakenomics. Badly run, state funding for idiot schemes whilst the rest is blocked or banned, economies degrading, crashing and burning. Brexit for everyone, coming to an economy near you as soon as your glorious leaders can manage it. When they can't cover up the fail, they start wars. Whenever Nationalism surges, manufacturing things that kill people is the only sure bet for profit.

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Deglobalisation will butcher growth and there won't be a recovery any time soon...

Huh? Globalization is what got us here in the first place. The large and free flows of trade and investment from the west turned communist China into the "world's factory" and enabled Putin to weaponize energy exports even before the Ukraine invasion.

In short, globalization enriched and emboldened these two dangerous autocracies and their scheme for an anti-West global order.

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