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Oil industry under pressure to respond to climate change


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There is way too much money in oil (at present) for oil companies to stop production. It’s like trying to take dinner away from a dog.

CO2 production ‘is’ the major contributing factor to climate change and global warming. Over 90% of greenhouse gases are produced by industries. Domestic use is only a small part of CO2 production. All these electric and hybrid vehicles do very little to reduce the production of CO2. This is because huge amounts of CO2 are still created in their production. Even if CO2 production was stopped today, it would still take thousands, possibly millions of years for CO2 levels in the atmosphere to return to what they were prior to the industrial revolution (150 years ago). Therefore, people should not be so concerned about cutting down the production of CO2, but looking at how people will have to adapt to live with climate change and global warming and to prepare for the inevitable acidification of the oceans, stronger storms and rising sea levels. It is not science fiction anymore. It is science fact.

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The US has total monopoly over oil and will never allow climate change to interfere with their chokehold on oil. How many billions has the US invested in wars so as to control world wide oil reserves?

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They are sunset industries which need to be consigned to history ASAP. The quicker they are gone the quicker sociaety can get on with sorting out the mess we're in.

The 1st step - meaningful carbon taxes - they we can all be rewarded wih cheaper prices when buying lower carbon intensive products and services.

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In the 1950s and 60s, Standard Oil (with others) bought up over 50 electric light rail mass transit systems in the US, solely for the purpose of dismantling them and forcing the consumption of more petroleum products. Is it likely that an industry that has worked so tirelessly, legally and otherwise, to increase pollution, will now start acting morally?

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Trump relaxes/abolishes the law introduced to protect the environment after the Deep Horizon tragic accident.

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