Oil price crash: Will it affect the move to green energy?

By Véronique DUPONT

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Cheap oil actually means less investment in alternatives, since the R&D will not turn a profit.

Paradoxically, it is a high cost of oil encourages R&D into alternatives.

Cheap oil just means that the decline of the combustion engine is delayed.

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Time to buy a big V8 pickup truck for my grocery runs to the supermarket.

If you are carrying 6-8 people then a big SUV is efficient.

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The longer oil remains cheap the longer any alternative is developed, oil doesn't just drive cars and trucks, its shipping, planes, trains and it is used in multiple of products and chemicals that we use everyday.

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Have been waiting for my Hero Greta on this.

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If American oil prices are collapsing under a free market, why has this government been subsidizing the American oil industry? Who benefited from keeping prices artificially high? Not the average consumer and tax payer.

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Time to consider a Tesla, has bio hazard filter

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I’m sure governments will find a way to keep end user prices they same. Gasoline in Japan is already 50% tax. As oil prices are down, they can just increase those taxes and we see no change at the pump.

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"a perfect opportunity to remove the subsidies to oil companies because oil prices are low".

"It's a good time to put the carbon tax very high to accelerate the energy transition."

Exactly! It's immoral that governments are still protecting this poisionous exploitative oil industry.

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Oil plunged 20% globally and prices dropped 2% at the pumps in Japan!

All the while the yen appreciated 8% against the dollar!

No suv for the average Mr Tanaka then...

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