Olympic scandals put marketing giant Dentsu's business in spotlight


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come on... does this guy look like he would do anything corrupt?

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So, after Dentsu's guarantee of about half what it accomplished, what happened to all that extra cash?

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Reuters reported Takahashi had received $8.2 million dollars from the Tokyo Olympic bid committee for his work in lining up sponsors and in lobbying former International Olympic Committee member, the late Lamine Diack, who afterward was investigated for corruption.That same investigation entangled the head of the bid committee, former Japanese Olympic Committee President Tsunekazu Takeda, over a $2 million "consulting" payment to a Singapore company he said Dentsu had recommended.

The Kyodo article barely touches on Dentsu's corrupt influences, especially with the LDP and corporate welfare and kickbacks.

Hopefully the investigation will expand and dentsu and politicans in their pocket will go down like with the Unification Church revelations.

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Unification church? Dentsu? These stories or scandals will slow fade away. Japanese media will loose interest and business will return to normal.

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If people thought that the Unification Church had a grip on the LDP, it is nothing compared to what power Dentsu has. I read somewhere that it was a Dentsu official who recommended the state funeral for Abe. And of course the LDP followed their masters orders. Dentsu is the government, and don't forget it. Every major company, entertainment, manufacturing, you name it is completely connected to Dentsu. That is why there is never any negative press about them. They will crush any media outlet that goes against them.

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I'm picturing Mario, Hello Kitty and Pikachu all handing in their letters of resignation.

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Dentsu, is a direct descendent of WW2s ministry of propaganda, it’s focus is money making and limiting press freedom and artistic expression. Shutting down any dissent. They are doing a good job.

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I read somewhere that it was a Dentsu official who recommended the state funeral for Abe. 

Though not sure how (much) it got involved, Dentsu has got commissioned for Abe's funeral.

At stake now is the size of the budget. The government suggests 200 million yen while the Dentsu side estimates 3,7 billion (!) . The amount is most likely to grow further. It reminds me of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics fiasco over the rising budget.

Dentsu technically doesn't do anything special as it outsources all major tasks to subsidiaries (earning profits only by its "arrangements")

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“ Olympic scandals put marketing giant Dentsu's business in spotlight “

they should’ve been “in the spotlight” a long time ago … / (and) they should’ve been “dissected” when that poor girl jumped from their building …

“ Allegations of corruption in Olympic sponsorships involving… “

… you forgot to mention abuse of power, horrible work culture and harassment in the workplace (!)

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It would be a silver lining if the games, with all the scandals and problems it caused, ended up also being the cause for dismantling the excessive power Dentsu have on the market.

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Now I realize why so many acquaintances in Japanese advertising and media call Dentsu yakuza in how they operate.

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Come on, guys... this is Japan. It will only have succeeded in giving Dentsu more marketing power and free advertising. No one will be charged with anything. No one will be fired. And they are free to do it again.

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That image of him say guilty.

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"Only Dentsu can guarantee that much income and deliver. Dentsu has nurtured deep connections with many listed companies," a former top executive of the Tokyo Games' organizing committee said.

Thus, it is no surprise that Dentsu has become the exclusive agent of many international events and sports federations.

One Dentsu employee said, "We can present figures to clients that other companies can't come close to matching."

As an advertising and PR-giant is Dentsu also in a position where it can literally write (and sell) its own "legend" to whoever is ready to buy their spin.

As a matter of fact before the Olympics did Dentsu got dragged in the spotlight and a TV (?) channel or newspaper did get ahold of an internal document from the government. According to it, Dentsu was the "preferred choice" in, like, 18 cases out of 20 (don't quote me on the numbers, it was back, I think, in 2019 so memory is fuzzy but the figures were staggering!).

The problem was that more than often, the Dentsu offer was considered by the Ministry asking for bids as LESS good than Dentsu's competitors and still...Dentsu got the job from the J-gov.

As for the Olympics, Dentsu was definitely a driving force to get these Olympics and the main reason for the LDP not to want to give them up.

Dentsu and the LDP have a quasi-incestuous relationship with the LDP outsourcing pretty much everything and anything to Dentsu and Dentsu doing what in return...nobody really knows (election support, me think).

Still, it also looks like Dentsu has problems. Like here, back in 2021.

They were blaming it on the pandemic (like everybody else) but they're faring worse than the competition, despite all the cash and privileges from the J-government, up to having to sell their HQ in Tokyo.,B%20in%20Record%20Office%20Deal&text=Advertising%20giant%20Dentsu%20Group%20has,%243%20billion%2C%20Mingtiandi%20has%20learned.

Ultimately, like the LDP, Dentsu's powers are more limited than one (they) may think as:

.corporate sponsors did start to back out from the Olympics with the J-gov having to woo them back

.did the public not buy the heavy-handed communication/spin

Dentsu's reputation as the nation's fixer, with a repetition to get things done, no matter how difficult is pretty much BS.

Dentsu is chosen on a privileged basis by LDP governments, provides shoddy work or takes a hefty margin and just outsources the job to somebody else while again pocketing a hefty fee. They did it again and again and again. Again, tt is not rare that during bidding processes, J-Ministries even rated Dentsu's offers lower than the competition's.

Dentsu is also known to recruit from Tokyo's top universities and is said to show a preference for the children of politicians, celebrities and titans of industries.

Which is most likely the reason they are Japan's top 1% pet-company. The result being: a lot of good contracts for big money...handled shoddily by a company with no plan B and no capable staff, hence a tendency to tank if said government contracts dry up. Well, that's J-inc's role model to you.

Dentsu should be investigate as to what they promise, what they ultimately delivered, why they get chosen while offering less quality for money as compared to their competitors and I would definitely have somebody look at their accounting as this reeks of "creativity" as in "creative accounting".

Dentsu, like the Yakuzas or the Moonies is just one of the too many shady groups / organizations / people the LDP got themselves in bed with.

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Dentsu secured a record of around 370 billion yen ($2.8 billion) in marketing revenue for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics organizing committee

You mean the government bailed them with our tax money that was supposed to fund for Covid incentives? There is no way they secured 370 billion yen with that dumpster fire of an event.

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Companies like Dentsu are necessary to keep the Japanese economy churning and providing comfortable lives for its citizens. I doubt their PR team cares about what is said in this forum, let alone even know this exists.

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Don’t they have, you know, another picture of this fool? Is this the only one in existence?

Every time I see the pic, the story that follows immediately becomes a head shaker without even reading it.

, Dentsu secured a record of around 370 billion yen ($2.8 billion) in marketing revenue for the Tokyo Olympics

thats pretty amazing, considering there was ZERO revenue for the Olympics and the public only saw a bill for everything.

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dentsu olympics?

highly likely yes!

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With the millions he takes in you,d think he could get a proper hair dye job done.

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Apart from the obvious corruption, the worst aspect of the absolute monopoly Dentsu has is the almost total destruction of Japan's artistic culture.

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Is this the guy who has the chauffeur-driven 30 million Yen Maybach?

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Would you buy a used car from this man?

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Must be nice to be an OB in Japan?

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The Olympics is an event these days that many Countries can not afford to hold.

It would be good, to see a return to old style Olympics - no specially built facilities - a simple dirt track in a field for track and field events, a river for rowing and swimming events, minimal costs involved there - pitch a couple of tents for the Athletes to stay in, and you're done. That would clearly allow more Nations to participate.

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