Olympus whistleblower says his humiliating treatment hasn't changed despite court ruling

By Yuri Kageyama

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Even the Supreme Court of Japan strives to keep the truth from being told. Makes sense ... if all the secrets of Japanese corporations were brought to light many of the corporations would have to scramble. This would help the stock market and economy speed up its course toward collapse.

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Just disgusting. My I suggest he download angry birds, ignore his dumb coworkers and enjoy his paycheck? I'd kill for a job like that. I could handle not having to be nice to stupid coworkers.

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What a sick system this is, EVERY Japanese person shud(but wont) realize they ALL are only a second away from similar treatment, I wudnt work for a J-company, I wud rather be homeless!

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I called this predictable outcome a few weeks ago after his supreme court win. All those outraged people who called for heads to roll after a junior high schooler was bullied into committing suicide need to realize it doesn't stop in Japanese society, no matter the age. Ostracizing and bullying is their raison d'etre.

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Japan Inc strike again.

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"A transfer takes some time"

Were Olympus really so confident that they'd win that they gave no consideration, and therefore no preparation to where Hamada could go in the event that he won?

I cry extreme hubris, or just plain, simple BS.

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Ah ostracism... Japan's favorite past time.

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With all that free time I'd be hacking into the Olympus databases, download every bit of corporate confidential data I could find on anything and everything Olympus has ever produced, and the SELL IT TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER! Dude! Screw this company and hit them where it really hurts! Japan will never change it's draconian way of doing things - even when Myanmar surpasses it in econimic output!

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He can be happy that he has not been asked to be a volunteer for testing of oral and rectal endoscopes, which are the backbone product of Olympus medical experience. And even more he can regard himself lucky that nobody is unintentionally confusing, which has to go where.

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If his nameplate has been removed from the office directory then he has been fired by the company (removing the person's name from the office's roster is a subtle way of saying you've been given the pink slip by the company) and he should be discussing with the labour board why, after winning his appeal, the company has decided to fire him and what can he get in the way of a severance package from the company for this wrongful dismissal. And most importantly he should be talking to a publisher concerning writing a book on his experiences.

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No matter how you act or perform, as long as you're a "company man", you're ineligible for any other type of work anywhere on this globe, and the older you get, the worse you become.

Better keep that in mind when you don the standard black suit of the mass and line up for the standard job interview with your standard resume, kiddies!

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I am a whistleblower for good, I wonder if there are such thing as bad whistleblower?

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This guy seems to have it down right and should be a role model to all the timid yes-men in Japan. He does not shut up. I love it.

Unfortunately, in the end, they'll probably grind him down. And sweep it under the rug. And all will once again be peaceful in Japan...

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Mr Hamada probably need to go into court to force Olympus to settle work issues. If I were you, I would nickle and dime Olympus for every issues concerning your employment, to include pay raises, bonuses, vacations, etc. Talk to the newspaper reporters every chance you get and try to corner the new boss on his way in or out of the office. Make sure you have a hidden video recorder.

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Mow the lawn??? Probably only if the whistleblower suffers from hayfever.

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