Online booksellers struggling to meet demand from readers


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People still read books?

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I still enjoy reading hard copies of books. I have a shelves of books I bought since the 1970s. It's fun browsing through them from time to time. The touch and feel of a book (like the covers of vinyl records) cannot be replicated online. I used to be a member of Book of the Month Club and always looked forward to my monthly book.

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I have not bought a physical book in years, they make electric readers called kindles.

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As publishers in Japan do not sell directly to stores, rather using distributors to consign their books to booksellers, titles can be listed as sold out even if stocks remain in warehouses, a representative of a publisher said

Shame on the publishers for not thinking of themselves selling online to the genersl public. When will these people leave their century old practices and adapt with the times.

I bet you, if you are a small new bookseller or retailer and you contact them that you are interested in selling their books, they will turn you down on the grounds that you are new. From my experience, the arrogance of some wholesalers and manufacturers in this country is mind boggling. It is like a reserved club, difficult for small newcomers to get admitted to.

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All people do is complain, consider yourself lucky to be alive

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