Optimism among big Japanese manufacturers reaches highest level in four years

By Stanley White

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it is mainly due to booming Chinese Economy.

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yep well see how good there confidence is when the tax hike kicks in and people stop spending 5% jump in 11/2 years will kill the recovery, should have done it gradually say 1% jumps every year for 5 years starting this year. people wouldnt notice a 1% increase.

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The big exporters, yes, with help from the weaker yen. But are they actually selling more products (volume) or is the amount just greater since the yen is now weaker and the money coming back translates into more yen? (Any data on this anyone?)

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And what about optimism among workers, who have seen their job security and pay decrease?

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I would like to see what the general consumer sentiment in Japan is now. Article/stats appreciated.

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Yeah that is NOT the long term answer. Print money backed by Nothing.

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