Tokyo Stock Exchange officials promise to get trading back to normal by Friday


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The Japan Exchange Group is the world's third largest bourse after the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq, with market capitalization of nearly $6 trillion.

The outage Thursday also affected other, smaller stock exchanges in Japan.

Is it the time for them to back to more reliable methods which are hanko and faxes?

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So's a N+1 Active-Standby cluster?

that doesn't sound right for a major system...

It should had been at least N+6 or higher.....

Something isn't adding up....

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Fukushima had 13 back up systems, all fail ....

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Methinks there'll be some overtime this evening.

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This could be a hack.

And if it were the stock exchange would not admit it.

More to come?

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In global standards they measure downtime in minutes a year...2 days of downtime is never heard of.

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There is definitely something fishy here. I find it almost impossible to believe that their system is as fragile as they are claiming.

To me there is a clear pattern on hacking happening in Japan's (seemingly insecure) financial systems. First the DoCoMo app was hacked, then the trading accounts were hacked, and now the exchange. All in the space of 8 weeks.

I look forward to the hard-nosed investigative journalists of Japan getting to the bottom of this.

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