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Over 15 mil cars recalled worldwide due to Denso fuel pump glitch


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Could this be another corruption scandal like Daihatsu? So much corruption in government and primary industries here.

With the amount of research and development that goes on here, the cause could not be because of any lack in this area. More likely the result of corruption.

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Hino, Daihatsu, Denso. Not a good year for Toyota.

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15 million cars being recalled so, do they intend to repair or replace their fuel pumps or just check them? There is no way that 15 million new fuel pumps are available to replace the existing ones. Tremendous lack of detail in this story; exactly what is the problem with the pumps?

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I'm assuming that no EVs will be recalled due to this problem.

I remember that many moons ago Ford fuel pumps had a problem; the diaphragms would wear out prematurely. Still, they made it past the warranty period, so no fiduciary consequences for Ford. And, when I say prematurely wear out, I mean that fuel pumps from other companies would last much longer.

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Tremendous lack of detail in this story; exactly what is the problem with the pumps?

Apparently the impeller in some low pressure fuel pumps can deform, reducing fuel output which leads to fuel starvation and the engine shutting off.


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More from another source:

"According to the first recall, the DENSO pumps inside the gas tanks deteriorate due to excessive fuel absorption. When the pumps’ impellers crack and absorb fuel, they deform over time, after which they hit the fuel pumps and cause engine stalls."

Followed by:

"As part of Toyota’s recall, dealerships will replace the fuel pumps. Owners of the most recently recalled vehicles will be notified in December."


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@ Desert Tortoise

Yes, thanks for that. I had actually researched it for myself and was trying to illustrate just how much JT shortchanges its readers by having so much detail lacking in their stories.

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