Over 20% of Japan's major firms halt Russian businesses: survey


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Please open your eyes.

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And this is a supply chain and reputational issue, right? And there was me thinking there might be some kind of ethics involved. So drag your heels there, and with any luck the war will be over before you have to make a stand.

And this is why the world is where it is.

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Halt is perhaps an incorrect description.

Dithering seems more appropriate.

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This is not something to celebrate but yet another thing Japan inc. and the government should be utterly ashamed of.

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Only 20% ... which Companies are still in Russia - perhaps it's name & shame time ?

When 80% of them are, you cannot avoid them.

Besides this is all a "plan" -- none have actually pulled out very likely (yet).

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In the Teikoku Databank Ltd survey of 168 major Japanese firms that operate businesses in Russia, 37 companies said they plan to stop operations there as of March 15 amid a worsening environment due to disruptions in logistics and supply chains.

Bolding is mine. So the article title factually wrong.

It should be "Over 20% of Japan's major firms PLAN to halt Russian businesses: survey"

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Is this good news or bad news.

Shouldn't the headline be "Only 20% of Japan's major firms halt Russian businesses: survey"?

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Complicity in genocide does not help ones brand image.

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Not 100%?! I guess money is more important than Gaijin Life.

It is not even abput xenophobia.

Disaster capitalism sees misery as opportunity.

No matter how many Ukrainians died, a swift Russian victory and the dissolution of the Ukrainian state, and sanctions being relaxed would have been a good outcome for transnational capital.

The Ukrainian existence is stubborn.

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Germany should stop buying their resources that will send a strong message

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Not 100%?! I guess money is more important than Gaijin Life.

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80% did not what now?

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All the world including Russia is in trouble. Get rid of Putin. It solves everything.

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What's the difference with EU still buying oil and gas, just because they can't do without it? After the war these companies worldwide will go back and continue doing business with Russia, so one wonders what was the point then. If you got balls quit and pull out businesses and trades indefinitely, that will send Russia a stronger message

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This is not something to trumpet but to be embarrassed about, only 20%! Come on Japan, have some balls and a smidgen of morality and cut trade with the forces of evil in russia.

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the majority of the 168 Japanese businesses have been left in limbo as the outlook for the war remains unclear.

80% of Japanese firms were hoping for a quick Russian victory and Ukraine to be forgotten and sanctions relaxed.

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Cool Japan?

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