Overconfidence in technology led to Japan firms' misconduct: academic


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Yeah, overconfidence in believing they wouldn't get caught ripping people off!

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Anyone else hear LDP echoing somewhere?

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I disagree. In Japan often one senior member will make a decision that is final and instant.

So if someone who has the power to says something goes, that thing goes from that time on. Less checks and balances, and more based on tradition and feelings.

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What a mix of different topics on a single page article! Overconfidence, arrogance, costs cut, postwar compensation.

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Overconfident maybe, lack of oversight definatly repercussions never, taking responsibility not even once. Pathetic management insulated business model reliant on not rocking the boat, don't have to be a rocket scientist to see where this is heading.

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To save companies money, former PM Koichiro Koizumi loosened employment rules to allow use of contract workers on a wide scale rather than the traditional lifetime employment . On side effect is that a lot of knowledge and know-how was lost because of constantly changing contract employees. And these contract people are not loyal to the firm and don't mind fabricating data to make themselves look good.

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Agree with Disillusioned. It’s easier to pretend it’s a mystery and make up various nicer sounding idiosyncrasies, rather than admit that it was a culture of turning the blind eye to cut costs.

Much easier to say it was a mentality mistake and blame the whole country than admit a lot of corruption occurs.

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This also explains the lax attitude throughout the nuclear industry. Since the product (nuke power) is generated in Japan by Japanese people, the attitude was it was inherently "safe" and hence didnt require the strict rules, technical standards and safety measures found in "dangerous" foreign countries.

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Overconfidence in technology or overconfidence in cheating?

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"I think there was an attitude (at the companies) that made them believe it's okay to slack off a little because the quality of Japanese products are high

That is not an overconfidence in technology per se, that is merely overconfidence in oneself. Pride, arrogance, hubris, etc.

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Sorry but the idea is a tiny band aid on a gaping bullet hole. It’s not arrogance in the tech biz, it’s arrogance in general, and all throughout society, topped with the knowledge that there will be zero negative consequences for the actions of people who commit such fraud and falsifications. Seriously, what was the punishment? Voluntary reduction of December’s pay, of an undisclosed percentage?

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Seems to me biggest problem is stunningly bad management across the board by people who have achieved their positions due to seniority rather than ability.

Including Govt. in that too.

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I agree with @Disillusioned on one thing.

The other thing, but what is the role of the ministry overlooking these manufacturers? They just accept what these liars submit (for approval or patent or permission...) without double checking? (Scandals: Mitsubishi motor, Nissan, Subaru, Kobe Steel.... who else?)

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