Pair of Yubari melons fetch record Y3 mil at auction


A single pair of premium Yubari melons fetched a record 3 million yen at the season's first auction in Sapporo on Thursday.

The winning bid was placed by the buyer for a supermarket in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture, Fuji TV reported. The price was double last year's.

High prices are the norm for the opening auction of the season and reflect buyers' desire for prestige. Yubari melons are considered a status symbol in Japan with many being bought as a gift for friends and colleagues.

The best-quality Yubari melons are perfect spheres with a smooth, evenly patterned rind. A T-shaped stalk is left on the fruit, which is usually sold in an ornate box.

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Unbelievable!!!! Too expensive....

We may find out almost similar taste Yubari melons with cheaper price at city-super, maybe.

I really hope.

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Here we go again, like every year. But still, just let whoever wants to pay a lot for a melon just do it. It's not your money, and it's not your melon.

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ah the stupidity of japanese fruit prices!I needed an apple for a recipe the other day.300 yen for one apple!!thank god I didnt need a melon

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This is yarase pr. He did not pay that kind of money. Don't fall for this annual auction yarase

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So when you give this kind of present you leave the price tag ! I hope the box was really good one !

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Only in Japan...

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You're twisting my melon man.

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Think of all the beer and red wine you could buy with that amount of money.

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Yubari melons would be a great name for a sunakku bar.

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Aah the stupidity of japanese fruit prices!I needed an apple for a recipe the other day.300 yen for one apple!!thank god I didnt need a melon

You must live in a very up market neighborhood. In my patch a single large apple is in the range of 100-140 yen.

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In the Uk thats about £3000 thats insane for two mellon, I know its his/hers money but I would rather give that amount of money to a soup kitchen or hostel to help loads of people, rather than just one person.

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Some people have much more money than sense.....

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I like the way Japan and some other countries do this to reward and give recognition to the farmers and growers for their hard work and attention. Growing things is a risky game fraught with chance and the unexpected. The skill and knowlage requried should never be taken for granted, its not just that seed in the cup experiment we do in elementary school.

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