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Panasonic orders families to return home from overseas on flu fears


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I don't think they should come back to Japan. We need to close the borders and all ports of entry immediately to block this foreign flu epidemic before it strikes against Japan.

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"Stay where you are" should be appropriate measure to stop bringing foreign flu here. Amazing, they could not find better excuse for cost cutting than blaming foreign countries, China in particular.

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"Panasonic orders families to return home"

And if they don't return home, they will be arrested!

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What a joke. Can't they just admit the truth, or at least make up a better lie.

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the excuse is awful. he cost of maintainig a family are huge for a company: they pay bilingual schools and rent 200 sq. meters apartments. Approximately, a 50+ % of a middle rank employee salary.

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they specifically mention this measure is not cost cutting. this is an obvious lie, since they need to find some excuse.

"stay where you are" is only practical after the pandemic has begun. i dont know who they're trying to scare with this.

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I would think that flu vaccine would be a lot less expensive than plane tickets. From that the only conclusion is that it IS cost cutting. Nasty way to break up the families. What is the word for families where the breadwinner has to live in a different city because of an assignment change? I've forgotten.

Funy thing is; a friend just got sent to China on assignment. He left his family behind because the kids are in HS and he doesn't want to interrupt their uni chances. But he's not happy about it! Doubt he'll catch flu though.

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Even the World Health Organization calls bullsh*t on Panasonic

"WHO perplexed by Panasonic's move to repatriate staff families over flu fears" http://www.google.com/hostednews/canadianpress/article/ALeqM5jLUuqDPigXW6AMydQOD6_QtdYFLw

This is not the first time WHO has been puzzled by Japanese "strategies" on influenza public health topics

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