Panasonic to give employees sent to China 'pollution pay'


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Might as well give the employees hazardous duty pay as well.

You neeever know when the next time an anti Japan riot may kick off.

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Maybe this will set set a precedent for all company emmployees affected by high levels of PM2.5 (in the 100s) caused by 2nd / 3rd hand tobacco smoke in the workplace, to receive compensation.

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lesson the shock of being sent there I guess.

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How about giving them the OPTION of going there, along with the bonus, instead of it being obligatory based on the company's demand? A bonus really doesn't mean diddly squat if the potential for premature death exists because you are forced over there for work.

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How ironic that this article (at the time of writing) comes directly below the anti-Tepco demo one, with workers agititating for better pay and danger money.

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Panasonic should not forget their staff in Paris. They deserve the same benefits. The city is under hazardous air pollution since 5 -or is it 6 days- already and no end in sight.

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I'd rather work in the Middle East or Africa than China. (Already have actually...). I visit Hong Kong enough to know that even just a few days there during the wrong time can be pretty nasty. Great to visit, wouldn't want to live there.

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I'd rather work in the Middle East or Africa than China

Africa is a big place with many countries and different levels of all sorts of pollution. Be more specific.

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Yet another thing for which the Chinese government will indignantly demand an apology..."How DARE a Japanese company call our air POLLUTED!!"

Seriously, when I was living in Hangzhou, a Chinese environmental scientist I worked with told me the air quality on a "good day" was equivalent to smoking an entire pack of cigarettes....and that was back in 2004!

But hey, no worries~(cough-cough)~ "to get rich is glorious!" ~(cough-cough!)

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