Pandemic claims another U.S. retailer: 118-year-old J.C. Penney


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Mom bought me lots of underwear and socks from that store back in the 70s. The 20th century is slowly slipping away into history.

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My family did a lot of shopping at Penny’s and Sears especially from the 1950s to late 70s. They both had various items that we needed or wanted and that weren’t available elsewhere locally at comparable price and quality. All our bed sheets, blue work shirts and socks for Dad, and such came from Penny’s. Tires, tools, appliances from Sears. Both had good, knowledgeable clerks in those days. Many fond memories of shopping outings at both. Later, on trips home I’d sometimes stop in but the stores were increasingly dirty and rundown with a poor selection of goods, it was hard to find a clerk and when you did they knew little and only tried to push a sale.

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Damn. Cue up that old Queen song again, Another One Bites the Dust.

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It is a matter of time that traditional retailers will go out of business globally. Japan is no exception.

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JC Penny was barely surviving to begin with.

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No worries, Walmart with all their Chinese made stuff will continue to thrive.

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Let's be honest. That wasn't because of the lockdown/virus situation. Just like Sears, they couldn't compete with Amazon, Walmart and others.

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It is fascinating to watch Youtube videos of hollowed out dead shopping malls across the US. With the one two punch of Amazon and corona the only solution is UBI.

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@Xeno Man No, Japan is an exception of everything

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It may have been due to a pandemic... Of mismanagement, and investor driven greed, but not coronavirus. Penney's has been in trouble for years. Awful nice of them to give the top management millions in bonuses right before filing for bankruptcy.

They were another stodgy old company that was unable to pivot in the direction the market was going, but hey have some bonuses because you tried? Everyone needs a job like that.

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I never had good luck shopping at Penney's. More than once I left in disgust because I couldn't find what I was looking for, ending up going to Sears or Target. Hell, even Kmart, which can give you an idea how long I've boycotted the store. It was a time when there were no Walmarts in the area. Amazon was decades away from being founded. He internet was still ARPANET.

Sorry, Penney employees, but it took time, but my boycott worked. Shows I'm patient. Well, that and the fact they pissed off a large number of potential customers over the last few decades.

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Pandemic claims another U.S. retailer: 118-year-old J.C. Penney

They did say that the elderly is a high risk group.

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