PC market still ailing despite gains in U.S., Europe


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PC sales go in cycles. People will buy a computer and use if for five or so years before considering a replacement. Contrast this with smartphone sales where every new version release seems to urge everyone to abandon their current version even though the current version serves them just fine.

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PC sales cycles don't go in five years. It really depends on when you bought your PC. If you bought a computer post the Intel Duo Core era, there would be no need to replace it. These PC's are capable of running Windows 10 optimally, so they have a lifespan of many years into the future. What is really killing the PC sales was the invention of low TDP and fast CPU's that can potentially last for decades. The D2C was the beginning of an era of such declining PC sales.

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While a Duo Core CPU can run Win 10, CPUs generally start showing heat-related damage around five years after purchase and use. Daily temperature cycles between room temperature and 70° - 80°C do not treat the transistors in the CPU nice. Sure, you could buy a replacement CPU and drop it into your old computer (if you can find a replacement four years after they became obsolete), but most people aren't tech savvy enough to perform that operation without damaging something.

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@Fadamor: That'ssomewhat not true. I'm typing this on a 7-year-old C2D with 2GB of RAM. I was ready to apply a new thermal paste to the CPU after severe heat issues Then, I found out you could permanently underclock it in the BIOS. I now have it running at half its max frequency. It gets as warm as my armpit whereas before the adjustment, I could literally cook an egg on it. No need to apply new thermal paste. I hardly notice a decrease in performance since Intel made the mistake of making C2D's almost too good for slightly above ordinary use, since I'm hardly an ordinary user nor am I a power user...

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I'm surprised you didn'T upgrade your RAM to 4gb. It's cheap and easy and will give your rig even more years of usability.

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Hardware outstripping software.

Who needs eight cores and fancy graphics card for reading email and browsing web?

And if using Linux you don't need to upgrade your machine every time Windows sends the Win version you were using to no-update end-of-life limbo.

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The problem is simple: everyone do not like the Windows 8.x versions installed on new PC's, which has really hurt PC sales. Windows 10, which will arrive about a year from now, brings back the more Desktop user interface orientation and could be a major hit with corporate customers, and that will revive PC sales.

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