Peach Aviation cancels some flights for summer due to shortage of flight crew


Japanese low cost carrier Peach Aviation has made amendments to its summer 2014 flight schedule, "due to an unavoidable shortage of flight crew personnel," the airline said.

The amendments affect flights from May 19 and will result in cancellations of some flights.

Two flights on the Osaka (Kansai) – Hong Kong route scheduled for June have been confirmed as cancelled.

The airline said that any further changes to the flight schedule from July onwards will be announced on April 30.

Customers who would like to change their flights to a different Peach flight will be able to do so free of charge. In the event that a new flight is unavailable, or if the affected customer is unable to travel during the desired period, the airline said that the airfare will be refunded.

A statement issued by the airline, said, "The increasingly competitive environment has created a sudden rise in demand for flight crew throughout the industry, leading to a shortage in personnel. In addition, there has been an unexpected number of absences due to illness among Peach’s flight crew ... We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this will cause to all affected customers."

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How on earth can they be having a hard time finding experienced flight crew in need of jobs? The other airlines in Japan have been laying people off for about 5 years. And there's never a shortage of young people wanting to break into the industry. Surely they can be hired, trained, and deployed with some experienced crew, right?

How terrible a place to work is Peach that they are having trouble getting people to work for them.

Any airline industry readers here who can shed some light?

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I guess the salary accounted for in their business plan was unrealistically low.

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A low-cost airline is going to have low salaries and minimal benefits. That's pretty much a given.

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well when you pay peanuts you get ****

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What is this "unavoidable shortage of flight crew personnel"? Do other airlines have the same problem? If not, the shortage is entirely avoidable and a result of management failure. Get the managers out of their offices and serving tea on the planes.

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Even the major airlines run on a relatively thin aircrew roster, especially cockpit crews. So, it's not a big surprise for a LCC to be even more hard-pressed.

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Hire more......period.

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Maybe the economy is in the dumper and everyone is tightening their seat belts so to say

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