Peach Aviation takes delivery of first A320


Peach Aviation, one of the very first low cost airlines in Japan, has taken delivery of its first A320 through a leasing contract with GECAS. The Japanese carrier will lease 10 A320s.

Peach Aviation’s A320 aircraft seats 180 passengers in a single-class layout and is powered by CFM International engines.

“We are delighted to take delivery of our first brand-new Airbus A320,” said Peach Aviation President Shinichi Inoue. “With a complete new fleet of A320’s, we aim at establishing a new low-cost business model in Japan. The world’s standard single-aisle aircraft will enable us to offer attractive airfares in the competitive Japanese market.”

Peach Aviation was established by All Nippon Airways (ANA), First Eastern Investment Group (First Eastern) in Hong Kong and Innovation Network Corporation of Japan.

The Osaka-based company will start operations from Kansai airport in March 2012, first on domestic routes, and then internationally across Asia.

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so travellers can expect Y100~Y3000 discount? that may be the definition of Low Cost Carrier in JAPAN.

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I wonder if they wil change the lanscape in the way that easyJet and Ryanair did in Europe? When these two first started, you could really pick up very cheap flights (UK-> Spain for 5,000 yen one way inclusive of all taxes, etc). It really was a case of "where do I want to go today?". Now, especially Ryanair, there are so many hidden costs that it doesn't seem that much cheaper than the main line carriers. They do serve interesting locations though. The fact that ANA are running it would suggest they hope to cash in on the LCC boom fils me with doubt that it will be much cheaper than exisitng fares. Add to this, the millstone of huge airport charges in Japan and I doubt if we will ever get dirt cheap travel, sadly!

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if japan would reduce the landing fees at airports, then there is a possibility the LCCs will really be low cost. that's one of the main reasons for such high ticket prices in japan. that and an inefficient business model.

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180 seats on an A320? That seems like a lot.... even for an LCC. I think the ave. is around 130?

150~180 on an A320 is the range you can put in (of course, you could do even less), you can imagine the effect that all those seats would have on the interior!!!

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Sounds like the "sardine" class special. Wow! I wonder if they will still give out lukewarm O-cha and coffee? The service on Japans airlines went from being good to lousy.

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180 seats on an A320? That seems like a lot.... even for an LCC. I think the ave. is around 130?

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