Pepsi inks deal to produce, sell snacks in Japan


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Pepsi snack food in japan,good for japan and america business.

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Another plan for American foods to fatten up the Japanese.

Personally, I wouldn't mind a better selection of corn chips, such as Fritos.

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such as potato chips, vegetable snacks, breakfast cereal and prawn crackers

This is not the Americanization of Japanese foods. It is an American company selling the same crap as the Japanese companies.

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I hope they produce some snacks that don't have chicken / meat stock in them. Then again, maybe I don't. Japan's craving for animal fats in absolutely everything means I'm never tempted to pop into a combini to satiate a snack-attack, thus leaving more room for beer calories later :-)

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I doubt we'll see any real improvement in snacks. Same old same old same old stuff at every shop anyway.

What would be nice is a US grocery chain with their associated wide selection of international foods and health oriented foods.

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I just saw SHISO-flavoured Pepsi in the 7-11- I would call that the Japanisation of American foods, actually!

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I wasn't game enough to try it by the way- has anyone tasted it yet?

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I think some of you have missed the point. Calbee is going to get access to some of the Frito Lay production technology (you don't want to know what kids diapers and potato chips have in common). On the other hand, Pepsi gets a chance to go mainstream with its snack products through utilization of Calbee's distribution system and its local market knowledge.

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I don't expect many new brands in Japan from this. Most of Frito-Lays' products are available already, though you have to go to a place like Sony Plaza to find them. So perhaps this deal will bring the brands wider distribution within Japan?

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I see mayo-ika flavored Tostitos in the near future...

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Japan needs a serious public health warning campaign. These foods should not be allowed.

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"public Warning"

Seriously though they probably should have more public awareness or warning against too much "american" food in Japan.

Even American scientists that study long life cite the exam of Japanese in Hawaii, having come from a diet culture(Japan or Okinawa) that "promotes" long life then moving to Hawaii and eating alot of American food there life expectancy is reduced dramatically. Japanese can be there own worse enemy with their fascination with the "exotic" foreign goods.

In fact "American" food is MORE DANGEROUS FOR FIRST GENERATION JAPANESE exposed to American food then American food is dangerous for AMERICANS as basically the Japanese are not used to that kind of overloading diet. The first generation of Japanese exposed an American diet will have far greater health problems and shorter life than say the "native American".

anyway i sure some pr man will just say we are providing consumer choice and sleep easy. ... or providing food to homesick expats.

it seems recently the western foods cos are certainly trying hard to break the local market / diet.

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Not that it would actually change the content of the story, but I'm a little disappointed at the lack of editing that let the same quote be printed twice and attributed to two different sources. Shame on you, JT.

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I wish they would bring in Reese's peanut butter cups!!

The Shiso Pepsi takes exactly like Shiso juice. Totally weird. No pepsi flavor at all. Coke also has a new GREEN TEA flavor. After the shiso taste test, think I will pass on that one.

It would be nice if they could get some NON chocolate, NON sugar coated breakfast cereal here!

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