PC market continues to slump

By Christian Petersen

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We have now reached the 4 or 5th cycle of PC sales. It will eventually pass, but like the previous cycles, not until the old PCs finally wear out and they become easier for people to use.

A computer is still far too complicated for the average person and there are still far too many quality control problems with both the hardware and software.

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I just upgraded my 7 year old budget laptop with a 5,000 yen SSD. This was after upgrading the RAM for the same price. Now it runs almost like new. Next, I might get a 4,000 yen USB low profile flash memory to hold more data.

In other words, I haven't been and won't be buying any PCs for a while I don't have to. Not like Mac users, LOL.

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Not like Mac users, LOL.

Really, none of my mac stuff is less than five years old. I even have a 2002 iBook which still works and still good for basic web, emails etc.

My Windows PC is a Kangaroo PC which only cost me ¥25,000 and connects to my iPad.

This is a good time to upgrade the PC with good PC's for little money.

The slum is because of the smart phones with many people are using instead of computers. The future for the majority of users will be smart phones and tablets. I'm about 90% tablet and hoping soon I can be 100%.

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