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Pocari Sweat to go on sale in Vietnam


Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co has reached an agreement to establish a joint venture in the functional food and beverage category in Vietnam. The newly formed company, Otsuka Thang Nutrition Co Ltd, will launch Pocari Sweat in Vietnam starting the middle of August. This will mark the 17th market where the beverage is sold.

Pocari Sweat was first developed in 1980 under the concept of a "replenishment drink," and is designed to quickly replace water and electrolytes in the body lost due to perspiration. The beverage has become popular outside of Japan, especially in Asia. Today some 30 years after it was released, the overseas sales volumes of Pocari Sweat have outstripped sales in Japan.

In Vietnam, Otsuka Pharmaceutical will appeal Pocari Sweat's importance of rehydration for the body as part of its efforts to establish the brand.

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who wants to drink sweat, for god's sake.

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I, for one, want to drink Pocari Sweat. A very refreshing drink and taste is better than Aquarius.

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Soon Vietnamese consumers will purchase more Japanese brands because quality, packaging, heath standards and other lvalues

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