Japanese firms put capital investment plans on hold as trade risks grow

By Tetsushi Kajimoto

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Japanese companies can easily help save the Japanese economy. All they have to do is invest in human capital. A reduction of work hours with an increase in salary as well as focus on productivity over the amount of hours put in would not only free up the Japanese people to spend but also provide them with the capital to spend.

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I thought trade wars were supposed to be easy to win? Could Putin's Puppet have been mistaken?

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Business investment accounts for almost one-fifth of activity in the world's third-biggest economy and has been one of its few bright spots.

The author obviously used a template to write the stuff he wrote.

Bright spot when it has not translated to higher wages and increased spending of the working population.

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The findings pose a challenge to Abe's key economic reforms, known as "Abenomics", which has sought to generate sustainable growth through private-sector demand and investment.

Who in his right senses is still holding hopes on Abenomics, it was nothing but a buzzword and like all buzzword it died and was buried a long time ago.

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The worst aspect of the Sino-American trade war is its frantic speed, giving neither country's manufacturing sectors time to adjust to the new situation. Other countries caught in the global interdependency are similarly in a pickle: for example, I ran across tie-shoes (made south of China) without any grommets to enable the shoe laces to slide through the holes. Someone--in this case a middle-person, it seems--failed to get across the design needed in time for production and attempted sale. Simultaneously, American firms are said to be complaining that they had no warning to prepare factories and systems to replace what has been lost through Draconian customs tax hikes. Elected to put America in "first" place through business savvy, one can perhaps excuse Mr. Trump's lack of military planning experience. Yet this business problem could have been prevented by common sense, could it not? Where is the fire? Why not plan the customs' hikes as slowly as TPP?

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This is the result of staying on america's side.

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No, its as a result of the general Global decline experienced everywhere....

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