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22 foreign automakers to skip Tokyo Motor Show


More than 20 major foreign carmakers, including General Motors Corp and Germany's BMW AG, will skip the Tokyo Motor Show later this year to save costs, the organizer said Thursday, underlining a deepening slump in the global auto industry.

"It is unprecedented to see such a large number of carmakers not coming to the motor show. It's disappointing," said Kazusa Yoshino, a spokeswoman for the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, which sponsors the biennial auto event in October.

Yoshino said 22 foreign carmakers would pass on the Tokyo Motor Show, leaving only four foreign makers -- including South Korea's Hyundai Motor Co, Italy's Ferrari and British race car maker Lotus -- at the event.

All 22, which also include Ford Motor Co, Volkswagen AG, Porsche SE, had attended the previous Tokyo Motor Show in 2007.

Japan's top three automakers -- Toyota Motor Corp, Nissan Motor Co, and Honda Motor Co -- and several other domestic carmakers are scheduled to join the event, Yoshino said.

While orders for hybrid vehicles by Toyota and Honda are strong, the outlook for Japan's automakers remains murky. Toyota, Nissan and Mazda have all tumbled into losses for the just-ended fiscal year, and all three project even more red ink in the year through March 2010.

In a bid to revive battered auto demand, Japan's government has launched incentives to allow buyers of new cars to get a tax reduction ranging from 50% to 100% under government incentives, depending on the mileage and emissions of the model.

The Japanese government has also proposed a rebate of about 250,000 yen for trading in a car 13 years old or older for an ecological vehicle -- although this plan has yet to win parliamentary approval.

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Fair enough - the massive import duties in Japan mean it's just not worth concentrating on the market in a recession.

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That's right. It's a terrible year for an auto show. Might as well postpone it 'till next year.

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The sales are just not there anymore. Quite a few turned out for the china show but there still is a market in china. Im in Dubai now and even though the economy here has took a slide there are still new cars being sold, however just up the road in Abu Dahbi you couldnt even tell there was a recession. I just booked 3 SLR's and two Ferrari's to be customized and these customers dont even blink at the price, but in japan thats more than some of my counterparts would make all year. Alot of these company's are turning to me for sales and some are closing. I dont know if japan can ever make a comeback like the late 90's early 2000's.

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Jesus! What is this crap. All these companies have very good sales in japan. They always had something up their sleeve for TMS and this year, they just gonna ditch it? Such a shame. I can't understand why BMW, Benz and Audi are pulling out. They are not even that troubled.

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Does that mean there will be more skanky women on the cars to draw in the Otaku like last time? Remember the article a while back that had to older women in lingerie sitting on a Datsun? I wonder if the car show will turn into a circus to make up for lost revenue?

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They all went to China instead.

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Maybe skipping because of influenza?

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cars are dutyfree but they wud be hit for 5%import consumtion tax but every import gets hit for that

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Yes, I really hope that the lack of puritanical foreign influence means that the RQs will be hotter than ever.

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The article says only four foreign members will be attending, and then tells us three of them. Is the other one really that bad that it can't possibly be mentioned in the pages of JT?

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The Japanese Government supports unfair trade by giving up to ¥250,000 in tax cuts for car buyers of "green" cars limited to Japanese makes, while one of the biggest winner of a similar, but open, scheme in Germany was Toyota.

To compete, European makers had to implement special discounts on certain vehicles. No wonder that None-Japanese makers are focusing on other more open and lucrative markets ... like China.

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Hmmm, these cutbacks are really going to hit a large number of sweet young companions right in their Louis Vuitton pocketbooks.

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nisegaijin, you obviously (and again) don't know what you're talking about.. BMW had a sales drop of about 35-40% and I'm sure they lost a big amount of money on their Japanese business.

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I still want my electric Colt Plus. Maybe only 2 years away, if the IMieV is any indicator.

Maybe that's it. Maybe the Germans and Americans can't compete on the hybrids/electrics, realize it, and are forfeiting the market.

But I'm confused. It's surprising since the little Benzes seem to be everywhere these days. They apparently don't have anything to offer besides those? Repair costs are high for imports but the Benzes ARE selling. Despite the fact that the Honda Insight sucks, it's a best-seller already. Are the Germans really out of ideas? I don't see the problem.

read Jeremy Clarkson's review of the Insight for a laugh and a head-scratcher. Why would anybody buy it, unless... there was nothing else? Japanese love their Toyotas, but always rate Hondas higher if kakaku.com can be trusted.

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Good. It won't be as crowded, and it might just be possible to get a clear view of some of the cars and some of the girls.

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With all the new laws the government is talking about imposing on foreigners, expect more than car companies to pull out of a little show. Expect western companies to move or start the process of moving corporate headquarters to China, who now are the pockets of the American economy. Time to brush up on your Engrish and Chinese Japan.

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I do not know for sure, but it looks as if Cdn has been hit as well & from the talk of it I would NOT be surprised to see Chinese cars being sold in many countries.

Not to my liking though for they have copied old designs of German to Russian products with a maze of plastic so the SAFETY will not be there.

Personally I do not like the Chinese outlook that if something breaks down you do not have it serviced or repaired, but buy ANOTHER as it will still be THAT low in price.

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Noborito, get real. Nobody is going to buy Chinese cars. Not outside of China, that is. Without googling it, can you name two models of Chinese car? Would you buy one?

And nobody is ever going to set up their head office in China. Not until they get a government there that can follow it's own rules, and can elucidate them clearly to outsiders. Not even the Chinese know how to get a fair deal in their own country. You put all your intellectual property at high risk just stepping off the plane in Beijing!

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Im in china now and Nissan and Honda have massive facilities in this province. The markets are so huge they name the car brand after the city name like BeijingHonda...and demand is still high. Foreign companies have to come in as joint ventures with local companies so the technology transfer is happening rapidly. Hell theres even a chinese F1 car engine being developed...chinese produced cars are being marked to head for the US. its just a matter of time

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