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A woman shops in a supermarket in Japan. Image: iStock-Hakase

Prices for over 20,000 items hiked in Japan so far this year


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Happy Inflation everywhere!

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Hard to bring down inflation with growing deficit spending and so many automatic COLA adjustments taking place. Especially in places where the currencies are under pressure, like Japan, that's BUSY pursuing historic increases in DEFENSE spending!

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Inflation Virus BUSY destroying Long Duration Assets, source of increasing financial instability and acting as NEW TAX on EVERYONE.

It's called extended Zero Rates and Money Printing out of control Central Banks HANG-OVER!

PS. Worth Noting US Central Bank Joined Money Printing Expand FED Balance Sheet, Cut Rates to Zero during Prior Trump Admin, crashed BOJ EU BOE party, otherwise we'd still be PARTYING likes it's 1999!

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family size for 5. cents for 4 dollars and gave them away,which would cost about 40 dollars at regular price

You repeatedly forget to notice that the country that is being discussed here is Japan. Here in Japan, we dont use dollars nor cents, nor do people who live and work here think in dollars and cents.

We use Yen, and your comments are not about here in Japan, so they pull everything off topic.

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I bought 2 24 package of KCup for 4 dollars and gave them away,which would cost about 40 dollars at regular price

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Why all the whining about prices going up? Of course they've gone up - they've gone up everywhere in the world. Explain why you thought Japan would be exempt? Plus, it's nowhere near as bad here as it is in other places. Many JT posters appear to have no perspective at all on this.

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Prices per liter or kg are not even mentioned. So the customers fet screwed way more than they think. In Europe, one can compare easily.

The real inflation about food is far worse than the mere 3% core inflation expressed to the ears of Japanese.

If I had all my family in Japan, I would cry it loud and think about going abroad to earn more as a survival instinct (I hate being embezzled).

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Still it's cheaper than say European countries if you compare the same items. That's why tons of foreign tourists are visiting Japan at this right moment. The true problem is that the wages are cheap.

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Inflation happens. It is part of economic design in healthy economies.

The current larger-than-normal inflation was caused by COVID (China) and Russia (invasion of Ukraine). Be certain to thank them, however you see fit. Russia upturned the entire oil market and grain deliveries. China closed their internal borders while leaving international flights full of infected people from China spreading COVID around the world.

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Commodity prices have really come down in the past year so food inflation will wane in coming months.

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You wouldn’t really know how good we have it here in Japan until you go overseas and see just how badly inflation has devastated people’s budget plans for the year! Here inJapan, I, just like most others, have most certainly felt the inconvenience of the price hikes on food stuff and energy and I've had to cut down on certain purchases and the inconvenience of wearing additional layers at home, people simply expect more from a developed country like Japan especially regarding wage increases which are still grossly inadequate. Instead, the government is increasingly becoming more fond of spending a great deal on defense and a more functioning deterrent to war. One of the reasons why post war Japan saw such a quick surge in the standards of living had to do with not having to worry too much on dedicating such a huge chunk of public resources on the military but rather on people’s welfare, but I guess the times differ.

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Join the club. Inflation is world wide, if you debase the currency (call it money printing or QE it’s all the same) then inflation will come back to bite you, depending on the circumstances, when may vary but the consequences are inevitable.

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That's why you have to hustle. Learn to make money on the side. Eggs go up 100 yen. So what?

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Japan too greedy in the name of Ukraine jacking up food prices again. I want to see cigarettes at 1700 yen a pack please….

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If you think inflation is 3.5% you are deluded. If you think this is a victory on behalf of the BOJ you are even more deluded.

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My final receipt at the supermarket says it all! I might start charging the folks who come to my barbecue if this keeps up!

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Japan is the ONLY industrialized nation on the planet that does NOT include the price of fuels or food in their GDP which is what inflation is measured by.!. The true inflation rate here is well over 30%…

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Well, naturally the prices have gone up because fuel is more expensive! Oh wait... that was the excuse a year and some back. The war in Ukraine! Oh wait. Covid! Hmmm... I want even ONE of these companies to LOWER the cost of items and I guarantee they'd become everyone's first choice. But nope... if they all agree to hike prices at the same time it's a big shrug and a "shouganai"

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No it doesn't. "Core inflation," the often-cited measure in advanced economies, doesn't include food and energy.

The CPI does include food and energy.

The Core Inflation doesn't.

We both stand correct.

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One of the cheapest first world holiday destinations, if you’re not Japanese and can therefore take full advantage of the engineered currency depreciation and prices which, in many cases, are where other places were twenty years ago.

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Everywhere else, it does include food and energy.

No it doesn't. "Core inflation," the often-cited measure in advanced economies, doesn't include food and energy.


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Larr Flint

You've been saying that for years!

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I live across the street from big lots,I am usually the first their,they discount them, because they are nearing our of date,I have bought Ores,Chip Ahoy family size for 5. cents

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I bought 4 boxes of Nabisco miniature vanilla wafers for 20 cent,I gave a woman,with child a box I paid for,each box had 12 individual package in it

There is no way you purchased 4 boxes of vanilla wafers for 20cents, or even 20 yen.

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“There are no free lunches,” as you’ll read in economics textbooks. When countries are adding up to 40% to their money supplies while shutting down production of certain kinds of energy, not to mention forcing businesses to shutter during the pandemic, you are going to face severe economic consequences.

For every dollar printed, borrowed, and spent on pandemic relief, on top of what is already printed, borrowed, and spend on typical government operations, much more than a dollar must be repaid by taxpayers in the form of inflation, which we are seeing now.

To Japan’s credit, they took a much softer monetary approach that America and Europe, or inflation would be significantly higher. Most of the inflation hitting Japan now is the result of American monetary policy, which devalued the dollar, driving up the price of commodities priced in dollars, like oil. As Japan imports all of its energy, and all products require this energy for production and distribution, prices must go up. Unfortunately, this cost-push inflation is not lightening debt burden as there is no corresponding increase in value.

There is no happy ending to this story, and the lesson should be that economic growth and activity is best left in the hands of the private sector, and not relegated to the state, which, for the most part, has a solid record of failure.

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I feel sorry for the people that have to go around and check out the prices on all these items. Personally speaking, I dont trust the information one bit at all. Seems to me that EVERYTHING on the store shelves has gone up in price. Yeah EVERYTHING.

Consider as well, that amounts have been cut, while making the appearance that prices have stayed the same, but when that 100 gram bottle of whatever, for 200 yen, is now 80 grams for the same price, the costs are higher.

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In This Is Japan the CPI doesn't include food and energy.

Everywhere else, it does include food and energy.

The real Japanese inflation is much worse than we think.


However, all consumer goods and services, including food and energy, are represented in the headline CPI. Most importantly, none of the prominent legislated uses of the CPI excludes food and energy.

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New,you know once price are raise ,they never going down

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I read that prices for the raw materials are back to somewhere around where they were at before that pint-sized dictator invaded Ukraine. Yet still we’re paying over the odds.

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Hello Kitty 321Today  05:25 pm JST

It is lucky that the Japanese government doesn’t include food price increases when calculating inflation

Applies to other countries as well that comply with the ILO standard for Cnsumer Price Index.

"For CPI, the International Labour Organization (ILO) has set up an international standard. The 17th International Conference of Labour Statistics convened in Geneva in December 2003, adopted a resolution that set up the current standard. Concurrently, a revised international manual for CPI, entitled “Consumer Price Index Manual: Concepts and Methods”, was completed and published on the IMF's website as well.

As with other major countries, Japan's relevant authorities basically follow the existing international standard as we calculate the CPI."


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So eggs and seaweed are covered. How about the other 19,998 products?

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I bought 4 boxes of Nabisco miniature vanilla wafers for 20 cent,I gave a woman,with child a box I paid for,each box had 12 individual package in it

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"face pants"????? the hell are face pants?

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It is lucky that the Japanese government doesn’t include food price increases when calculating inflation

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Abe's dream has come true, he wanted 2% of inflation each year !

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I am Looking at this photo and trying to think of the proper title for the article, LOL

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