Prices soaring everywhere: From beans in Brazil to pork in China

By Coline DACLIN

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Maybe someone only feels overjoyed if the situation gets worse and worse. In that case, they can make people accept whatever they need because they will have no other choice. Leading the world to global crisis is maybe someone’s goal.

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Sociopats CEOs are taking maximum advantage of everything they can, with sucess.

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Eating too much pork will give you colorectal cancer.

But every cloud has a silver lining.

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I got some pork chop and pork loin for 2.50 each,I used premium Mixia tortilla in my Enchiladas

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so reason for all of this is war in Ukraine?

someones thinking is soo simple.....

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Thanks for contaminating the world china.

Things weren’t screwed up enough, nice going

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Inflation began in 2020 when America increased its currency supply by 40%. As commodities are priced in dollars, we would therefore expect a 40% increase in prices, minus growth. But as economic growth has not yet reached pre-pandemic levels, that 40% is being felt everywhere. Inflation was in double digits even before Russia invaded Ukraine.

Despite the current situation of tight supplies of goods and a surplus of currency, governments continue to add to their currency supplies to fund their spending, which will only increase inflation.

In the early 70’s Japan was suffering from hyperinflation of around 23%. The BOJ, rightly, froze the currency supply, and the government enacted fiscal restraints, these turned the inflation rate around, but it took nearly 5 years for value to stabilize.

But I can’t imagine any large western economies today enacting such programs, that would require sensible economic decisions and responsible economic behavior

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