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Problems reported with some services in V Point program after Monday launch


The new V Point reward program had issues with some of its services on Monday, the day of its launch.

Sumitomo Mitsui Card Co said it had fixed the glitch at around 3 a.m. Tuesday, Sankei Shimbun reported.

Points program members are required to link their IDs using a smartphone app. However, a glitch in the system prevented this integration on Monday. According to the company, some members could not check their points balance and use the app to make payments with their points without integrating their accounts in advance.

However, the company said that it was still possible to make purchases and acquire points during that time.

The V Point reward point program was launched after Culture Convenience Club Co’s T Point program, which operates Tsutaya and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc’s V Point program, merged.

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Is that the same T-point card that started responding to requests from police and prosecutors to provide personal information on card holders about 5 years ago?

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This type of shoddy rollout suggests that I should never bother to use this points scheme.

Big bang software go-lives of this nature are so risky… why do it

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Quick question.

Have any of you downloaded an app here?

I am always reticent,due to my experiences with workplace naivety.

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T-Point is is given by so few retailers compared to D-Point or R-Point, anyway. It's probably on par with Ponta, maybe even less. I typically choose D-point at places that offer a choice.

If I use PayPay, I get points there, too. Or, if I use my ANA credit card, I get miles. All that stuff adds up.

But, I I hate when stores have their own rewards programs. It's a bit annoying with all the apps. But, it sure beats carrying a ton of point cards around, like a few years ago. That was nuts.

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Quick question.

Have any of you downloaded an app here?

I am always reticent,due to my experiences with workplace naivety.

I have a few payment apps, such as PayPay, D-barai, and Rakuten Pay. Although, I usually use PayPay.

And, a number of point card apps, including the big three, D point, R point, and Ponta, and a bunch of store apps like Kaldi, Nitori, and DCM.

Food apps like Starbucks, Burger King, and UberEats come in handy, too. And, Go Taxi worked well, the one time I used it. (Uber, OTOH, did not.) And, the ICOCA app works fairly well for public transport. But, man, was it ridiculously complicated to setup.

Overall, these apps have made many aspects of life in Japan easier or less unpleasant.

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