Pronto to roll out 'After 4' summertime menu


Caffe & Bar Pronto will roll out a special “After 4” summertime menu on July 1. The “Summertime Good!” set will be available from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at stores in city centers and near large train stations.

The new menu will feature a larger variety of “bar food” for the after work crowd and a new extra large size for iced beverages. A Jack Daniels “whiskey fair” will also coincide with the “After 4” menu introduction.

While 4 p.m is normally a little early for the after work dinner rush, emergency electricity conservation measures in place to help cope with expected summertime shortages are likely to see many businesses cutting back on operating hours.

After twin natural disasters and an ongoing nuclear crisis, Pronto decided to roll out the new menu to give customers a fun new option for after-work relaxation and stress relief.

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IMO Pronto's food is cr*p. No real relationship to true Italian in any way, shape or form -- but especially taste.

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Although I do not frequent Pronto (a little too smoky for my tastes), I really like the concept: coffee shop and restaurant shifts to bar and restaurant. Five stars for flexibility!

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4pm is too early. I have yet to hear of any company that will allow staff to leave at that time. 5pm-6:30pm would at least make this more than a near pointless promotion that virtually no-one will benefit from.

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"4pm to 5:30 pm"..."for the after work crowd"

Ha ha, that would be for the escape from work early crowd.

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