Property investors turn to Southeast Asia amid Hong Kong unrest

By Sam Reeves and Catherine Lai

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Hong Kong is a short-term trade only. The only people who would be willing to relocate there at this point are mainland Chinese.

That is probably the entire Beijing plan all along. Make it so bad in HK that people leave and property values are depressed for mainlanders to pick up cheaper. Lam is being highly successful at that plan.

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Hong Kong is a short-term trade only.

Short-term, long-term are relative concepts. When Shanghai fell to the Communists in 1949, it was seen as finished. 50 years later, it was the hottest real-estate market in the world. Things change faster these days.

Of course, in terms of one's lifetime, Singapore looks better these days. Saigon even better, if they can shake off some of their corruption.

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".... property values are depressed for mainlanders to pick up cheaper." 

I think local middle income residents will be the first to pick up any affordable real estate that's available.

the whole world seems to want to re-locate to Singapore these days.

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The wind of fate moves around.

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