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Protesting Tesla China buyers vow more pressure over price cuts they missed


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Tesla get out of China, stupid! The country does not honor contracts.

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If you haven't been able to sleep or eat because the trauma from free capital economics, time to probably think about your purchase choices. If money was so tight, I would probably not drive a TESLA. New modern Cars lose 5-15% of the value the day after you sign the purchase papers, even before you drive off the lot. After you drive off the lot another 5%-10%.

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There are similar protests when builders lower the prices on remaining unsold housing units in big developments. Existing owners raise hades because the value of their units just dropped and in some cases pushed the owners underwater on their loans. Good reason to be upset in that circumstance. This is a little less dramatic but similar situation. Still, how many times have you bought something and next week it is on sale? Did you protest and demand a refund of the difference? Probably not. The one problem I could see that might bite Tesla is if their sales staff really did tell people to buy now because prices are going up.

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If you haven't been able to sleep or eat because the trauma from free capital economics, time to probably think about your purchase choices.

You have to understand the Chinese psyche. Especially Shanghai where they are hard charging and money motivated. When my wife was in engineering school if she didn't get 100% on a test she felt like she failed. She would argue with professors over one point and nobody could get her to understand there was no difference in her grade between 96% and 97%. It was 100% or nothing. There is probably a good reason why an expression for being stranded somewhere is to be "Shanghaied" because a lot of western business people went there thinking they were going to make a pile of money, underestimated the business acuity of the people of Shanghai and ended up with nothing but the shirt on their backs unable to afford a berth on a ship back home.

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LOL! The stable genius strikes again. Musk’s business acumen is only equaled by the Orange genius.

Elon Musk has lost so much money that the Guinness World Records recognized him for the 'largest loss of personal fortune in history'


Looks like China is grooming it's newest asset. They just love helping people in need, for a price that is. Mask loves China and Chinese people, bet he'll change his citizenship to China soon!

Musk promotes China chief


Putting a CCP agent in charge of some of the most important parts of your company might not go over well in the U.S.

Reuters exclusively reported that Tesla's top executive in China Tom Zhu has been promoted to take direct oversight of the company's U.S. assembly plants as well as sales operations in North America and Europe.

So his answer is to give another US company to China! While embarrass himself on the world stage. Musk's Chinese compatriot will be stealing information and technology from Tesla and his other companies for the CCP. Musk made most of his Tesla money from government subsidiaries.

The US government should re-evaluate their relationship with Musk and his companies.

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Trying to get people to love him on Twitter has caused Musk to drop the ball.

Footage Shows Tesla in Eight-Car Pileup After Stopping for No Reason


Musk seems to be believing too much of his own BS!

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"I haven’t been able to eat or sleep," said another owner who only identified herself by her last name, Feng. She said bought her Model 3 in December after Tesla sales staff came to her house to finalize loan documents and had pressured her to close. "I cannot accept this."

Time to re-examine your life lady. May wanna seek professional help.

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So if they raise prices, owners should pay Tesla?


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Not much of an Elon fan, but I think these buyers need a lesson in Market Economics.

You pay the market price at the time you purchase.

If I need gas and it's $3.30 a gallon one day, I don't get to complain when it's 3.25 the next. By the same token, I don't have to go in and give an extra nickle a gallon if it's 3.35 the next day.

If you don't like the price (and you can avoid it) don't buy. I would love to buy a car in the states and put it in my mom's garage so that I don't have to rent when I go home. But I don't like the market price (for used cars - I am too cheap to buy a new car), so I don't buy. And I don't complain that it's not fair either.

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Bad luck. If they were willing to pay the price they paid, they should be happy with that. Unlucky if the discount happened the following day or week but that's life. Just charge your brand new car and go for a drive.

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Can the same happen elsewhere ? How often have you bought something only to find, the next month the price has been reduced by 1/2... ?

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Perhaps expensive items should be leased from the manufacturers - something like what Apple is doing, capturing buyers into a forever web of renewals in order to fix issues that never existed at the time when they bought the original product...

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Offer some extended warranties and everyone is happy , TESLA.

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